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[T/W: Violence] Court reveals Kakaotalk conversation deleted by Jung-In's adoptive parents


[T/W: Violence, injury]

Many were brought to shock after learning about the tragic abuse and murder of Jung-In earlier this year. 

In the first hearing of Jungin's adoptive parents held at the Seoul Southern District Court on the morning of April 13th, the prosecution requested the adoptive parents to be charged with murder. The punishment for murder is twice as severe as the punishment for child abuse.

The following day, a trial was held on April 14 at the Seoul Southern District Court. During the trial, the deleted Kakaotalk conversation between the adoptive parents was revealed. The deleted conversation was restored using digital forensics. 

The conversation revealed the abusive behavior of Jung-In's adoptive mother and showed her unremorseful attitude for her actions. On February 3, 2020, when Jung-In was sick, the adoptive mother messaged the adoptive father saying, "Her coughs even sound like a joke to me," "I'm just going to leave her snot," "My head hurts so I'm going to take medicine." The adoptive father responded, "It's better to raise them without giving them medicine. But make sure you take your medicine."

In March 2020, the adoptive mother also messaged the adoptive father saying:

"She doesn't cry when the nursery teachers hold her."

"She was frustrating all day~ I gave her just an apple today."

"Well, at least, I didn't abuse her today."

The adoptive father responded by saying: 

"Annoying B****"

"I think she's getting more annoying because she's like that starting from the morning."

In another conversation from August 21, 2020, the adoptive mother talks about starving Jung-In as she told her husband not to feed the child until she says so.

She wrote, "She starves until I say I'll give her food," to which the adoptive father responded, "She's being freaking annoying? It's ringing in my ears. It's annoying to bring her out. Should we leave her at home? I'll just go home." Then the adoptive mother wrote, "I'm leaving her home, so don't come."

According to this conversation above, it can be seen that the adoptive left Jung-In who was only 16-months-old, alone at home.

In another conversation that was recovered from September 15, 2020, the adoptive parents are once again talking about starving Jung-In.

The adoptive mother wrote, "This child must be crazy. She still doesn't freaking eat," to which the adoptive father responded, "Just starve her the whole day." Jung-In's adoptive mother continued to write, "She won't die even if we starve her for three days. I feel like cursing and want to beat her up, but I'm holding back."

Many were shocked to read the conversation the two individuals had on the day of Jung-In's death on October 13, 2020. The adoptive mother messaged her husband notifying him of Jung-In's condition, but the adoptive father responded by saying, "Just take her to the hospital, just for the sake of formality." Jung-In's mother expressed how cumbersome it was bringing the child to the hospital, saying, "guess that would be good. Even though it's cumbersome."

In addition, the adoptive mother was seen speaking with her acquaintances the next day after Jung-In's death. She messaged one acquaintance saying, "Madam, thank you. I guess God needed one more angel. You'll meet me tomorrow as planned, right?"

Currently, the prosecution is seeking the death penalty on the adoptive mother and a 90-month (7.5 years) prison term for the adoptive father. Many netizens are seeking a heavier sentence for the adoptive father because he knew that Jung-In was being abused and was also part of the mistreatment of the late Jung-In. 

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lymli_queen7,003 pts Friday, April 16, 2021 1
Friday, April 16, 2021

a pediatrician told the cops to take the kid away, but the cops and "child protection" didn't believe and went to another clinic where the abusers knew a doctor and this one said the kid was ok, so the cops and so called child protection did nothing and 20s days later jung-in died... the inept cops and child protection should be fired and that corrupt doctor should get jailtime too


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Naruta772 pts Friday, April 16, 2021 2
Friday, April 16, 2021

No death penalty. Just put them in jail and throw the key in the deep ocean. They should slowly die a wretched death like the poor little child. May her poor abused soul now rest in peace.


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