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Alleged victim 'B's lawyer refutes (G)I-DLE Soojin's claims denying bullying accusations


Accuser 'B' has denied the recent claims made by (G)I-DLE's Soojin.

Following Soojin's recent denials of bullying accusations made by 'A', the legal team behind 'B' refuted certain claims from her personal statement. According to 'B's lawyer Choo Sae Ah, the point about Soojin and her company having made efforts to meet 'B' is "untrue". Furthermore, the team stressed that they had been waiting for Soojin's personal apologies prior to the meeting, which had never occurred. 

The lawyer also added that there has been a number of issues rising from the comments and notes sent by (G)I-DLE's fans condemning her client. "We understand the sentiments of the fans who want to support [their idol], but they should know that they can also be victims [in a different situation]," asserted Choo. 

'B's lawyer also commented on the current conditions of accuser 'A' since her in-person meeting with Soojin. Based on a series of KakaoTalk messages between 'A' and 'B', the meeting with Soojin had caused extreme anxiety for 'A' that she could not say or do anything afterwards. 

"I got tired and frightened of everything after I met with Seo Soojin. I was reminded that I was still the child was was bullied in middle school. My hand started shaking and couldn't think of anything else when I sat in front of Soojin," wrote 'A'.

Lawyer Choo further announced that they have gathered more evidence and additional testimonies from other witnesses. "Soojin, in the end, did not acknowledge her bullying accusations and acted as if she could not remember anything. Her company and Soojin also made the victims into false accusers and treated them like 'malicious commenters,'" she said.

Stay tuned for updates.

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720mic41 pts 22 days ago 8
22 days ago

seriously? is it only me or are the "victims" claims becoming even more ridiculous. like just show the evidence if you have it already?! and honestly the only thing confirmed so far was the fight over the phone - which if you look at it objectively - it's the victim's sister who should be in trouble cause she was an adult who threatened a child???


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venoa2,727 pts 22 days ago 11
22 days ago

She says that she was terrified and traumatizes because of her , okay, but isn't she the one that was dancing and laughing to a gidle song in live after they made her accusations public ?


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