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Netizens list the BTS songs that they have to given up listening to if guitarist/composer Bobby Jung is the controversial sexual assault perpetrator 'B'


Back on November 3, a report by MBC's 'News Desk' became a controversial topic online, as it was revealed that a young woman in her 20's who wanted to become a singer took her own life, leaving a note which read, "I am suffering due to someone." 

The young woman 'A's family then claimed that 'A's ex-boyfriend 'B' was responsible for the woman's death, accusing 'B' of various crimes including drugging 'A', then illegally filming 'A' and committing sexual assault against her. 'B' was defined as a currently promoting composer and singer, and is now facing police investigation against 'A's family.

Then, after the 'News Desk' report garnered attention online, numerous speculations arose that 'B' was the guitarist/composer Bobby Jung of the indie duo Autumn Vacation. So far, Bobby Jung's side has yet to release any official statements regarding this issue and the speculations. Instead, Bobby Jung has since deleted his Instagram account, and as of November 4, Autumn Vacation's concert was cancelled with only 10 days remaining until the event date. 

Many netizens strongly believe that Bobby Jung is in fact 'B', currently involved in police investigations surrounding 'A's death. 

One reason that the issue is a largely controversial topic is due to the fact that Bobby Jung is known for having worked with BTS. Bobby Jung has participated in composing various songs for BTS as well as TOMORROW x TOGETHER in the past, with the two Big Hit Entertainment artists being the only K-Pop idols he has worked with. 

Netizens strongly feel that if Bobby Jung is identified by police as the sexual assault perpetrator 'B' in the ongoing case, it means that they must give up listening to these BTS and TOMORROW x TOGETHER songs, as Bobby Jung participated in composing and writing the lyrics for them (TOMORROW x TOGETHER's "Way Home", not listed in the photo below, is also said to include Bobby Jung in the credits.):

Comments shared by various netizens and onlookers included, 

"OMG I'm so mad, I used to like a song by Autumn Vacation."
"But I listen to '20cm' every day TT."
"If it turns out to be true, I would be so shocked by the fact that I was listening to a song written by a sexual assault assailant." 
"There are so many amazing songs in that list, and we might not be able to listen to them just because of one useless psychopath, I'm furious TT."
"OMG, 'I'm Fine' is one of my favorite songs of all time, how..."
"WTF? 'Way Home'? But I listen to that song daily TT."
"F*** him. I love 'Love Maze' and 'Home' so much TTTT." 
"My '134340'... I'm crying..."
"Can they like figure out a way to get rid of his name from the credits altogether and just... idk change the lyrics or something."
"This is so unfair, all because of one man. Why should BTS and other hardworking composers and producers have to suffer damages for this?"

...and more. What do you think of the argument?

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hdyb3688714 pts Saturday, November 7, 2020 12
Saturday, November 7, 2020

I'm gonna keep listening to all the song listed above anywy.


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Armyinthehouse1,584 pts Saturday, November 7, 2020 5
Saturday, November 7, 2020

Sometimes (most of the times *joke*) knetzs can act like 3yo kids with a tantrum.

If that's the case, what about it? Condemn the man and move on. What about the rest of people that worked on those songs as well? Does their effort, art and dedication doesn't matter? Do innocents and their art work have to pay for the culprits as well? Oh god, learn to separate things already.


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