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Netizens talk about how pretty the Senegalese member of new K-pop girl group Black Swan is


Recently, a new K-pop girl group was revealed and scheduled to debut this year. The group is a rebranded version of RaNia that will be released by DR Entertainment and is named Black Swan.

Each member was unveiled starting July of this year until all the members were revealed. Many netizens have taken an interest in the girl group as they are the rebranded girl group with members of diverse ethnicities.

In particular, many netizens have been drawn to the beauty of Fatou, the Senegalese member of the group. Many netizens have commented in an online community praising the member for her outstanding looks. Some even say she is the prettiest out of the group.

Fatou has been working as a model under Cineline Entertainment before she decided to become a trainee. She was the fourth member to be unveiled and lived in Belgium before coming to Korea.

Fatou has been sharing photos on her Instagram keeping connected with fans. She has even written a handwritten letter to her fans as she prepares to promote with the group Black Swan.

Netizens' Commented:

"Wow, she's super pretty. She looks like Rihanna."

"She looks like a superstar in America."

"This group is awesome. She's so pretty."

"She's super pretty, she can become a solo singer."

"I think she's the prettiest out of the five members."

"I first saw her and all I can think of was that she is so pretty."

"Oh, so this is the rebranded RaNia group. I hope they manage this group well this time and don't waste talent."

"She's so tall and pretty."

"Wow, welcome to Korea, I'll show my support."

"She looks like a model."

"I think she should be a solo artist. lol."

"She's super goddess pretty. Omg."

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bangchansnose5 pts Friday, October 2, 2020 7
Friday, October 2, 2020

i really hope she makes it. i never thought i'd see an idol who looks like me and i really want that. we dont have similar faces but the height and figure is pretty close. and skin tone! plus i just like tall girls in general. it makes me feel comfortable

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mcnd-1-fan678 pts Friday, October 2, 2020 4
Friday, October 2, 2020

She is so beautiful. I hope she makes it and the company treats her well, don't want a mess like with what happened with Alex...

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