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Hilarity ensues when Red Velvet's Joy makes commentary on Golden Child Bomin's dog Joy pooping on the obstacle course


On October 2, MBC premiered the first ever '2020 Idol Star Woof Woof Championship', featuring idol stars and their adorable dog companions!

On this day, announcer Jun Hyun Moo and Red Velvet member Joy took part as the main MCs of the program. But in addition to Red Velvet's Joy, the '2020 Idol Star Woof Woof Championship' had another Joy appearing as a cast member - Golden Child member Bomin's pet dog Joy!

Particularly, one of the key interferences of the dog agility competitions on this day resulted from Bomin's dog Joy pooping on the obstacle course - the lingering smell being so strong, that the other dogs couldn't get past the "poop spot" without stopping for a sniff!

As a result, hilarity ensued as the topic of Joy's poop became an unavoidable discussion point. 

In fact, it was MC Joy who tattled(?) on dog Joy by saying (below), "I saw Joy pooping on the course earlier." One of the other MCs also testified, "Yes, Joy pooped on the course!" Here, Joy had to add in as clarification, "But not me." 

Later on, when the other dogs began their obstacle course rounds and stopped in the middle to sniff the "poop spot", the MCs commented, "Joy's poop is becoming such an unexpected variable here," and "Just how much did Joy poop in that spot?". 

Many netizens who tuned in to the '2020 Idol Woof Woof Championship' couldn't help but crack up at the hilarious poop incident involving the two Joy's on the program, as they commented, "Puppy Joy must have pooped a lot kekekeke", "That was so funny kekekeke", "The way they kept talking about Joy's poop kekeke, so funny kekekeke", "Joy tattling on Joy for pooping kekekeke", "Park Soo Young tattling on Joy for pooping kekekeke", "Joy cracking up every time Joy's poop comes up kekekeke", and more!

Did you catch the first ever, Chuseok-special '2020 Idol Woof Woof Championship'?

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Saturday, October 3, 2020

The name is what makes it so funny



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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Joy: 'So someone's gonna take credit for making jokes about 'Joy' pooping on the course...and it's gonna be me!'



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