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BTS had to change this dance move because it was too dangerous


BTS rose to fame as they were known for their exceptional lyrics and their powerful choreography along with awesome performances on stage.

One of those beloved performances is BTS's powerful and creative song, "Dionysus." BTS was able to creatively write the lyrics to sing about getting drunk on the art during the creative process of creating music and other arts. They were able to express another deeper meaning into the song as the song at first glance seems like just another party song. However, the members are able to express their zeal for creating art as they self-reflect on their positions as world stars.

This song also received much love for stage performance. With the usage of moveable tables and chairs, BTS members were praised for this awesome charismatic choreography.

However, the dance was changed while the boys were on tour as one part of the choreography caused injuries and was deemed dangerous for the members. There was even a time when Jungkook banged his chin on the ground as he was seen touching his face in pain.

Therefore, the part in which five of the seven members fall to the ground has been changed to a slightly different dance.

Originally, during RM's and Sugan's rap part, the five members turn and lean forward to fall straight to the ground. However, this dance was later changed so that the members just stay sitting on the ground.

Before the change:

After the change:

Korean netizens praised BTS for this awesome performance, while some netizens still said the second choreography still seems to strain their knees.

Netizens' Commented:

"The first choreography looks much cooler but does look dangerous."

"The second dance still seems painful for their knees."

"Good thing they changed it. It's so dangerous."

"Both choreography looks hard."

"Their knees are going to be so bad when they grow old."

"Hope they take care of their bodies."

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wise-quotes2,691 pts Monday, October 26, 2020 1
Monday, October 26, 2020

Best performancers the world has ever seen PERIOD...👑 imagine having to change the choreography because it's too dangerous💪 But yeah... it's the most reasonable thing to do right now🧐... better save those moves for Grammys😎


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im-y-una152 pts Monday, October 26, 2020 0
Monday, October 26, 2020

as a dancer, this was already dangerous and i was hoping for them to change this part of the choreography,, glad they did



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