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K-Pop Groups Who Quickly Disbanded After Debuting


It’s quite sad how quickly they disbanded.

Not every K-Pop group may get off to a great start, where it may be difficult for some groups to even gain attention. Other groups just run into unfortunate situations. Here are 10 K-Pop groups who disbanded after debuting, where they only released 1 song or album.

1. Ye-A

Ye-A debuted in 2014 with their song “National Treasure”. The group never released any more music and is assumed to have disbanded sometime in 2015.

2. Demion

Demion debuted in 2013 with their single “Ask Her Out”. The group disbanded in 2014 due to their company having financial difficulties.

3. Bob Girls

Bob Girls debuted in 2014 with their single “No Way”. In 2015, the contracts of all the members were terminated, which meant the group disbanded.


VIVIDIVA debuted in 2015 with their song “Service”. The group disbanded less than a year after their debut.


PURPLAY debuted in 2013 with their song “Watch Out PURPLAY”. They disbanded less than a year later.

6. BTL

BTL debuted in 2014 with their song “Beyond The Limit”. They disbanded in 2015.

7. 1Punch

1Punch was a duo that debuted in 2015 with their song “Turn Me Back”. ONE signed with YG Entertainment in the same year, which led to the duo’s disbandment. Samuel went on to participate in Produce 101 Season 2, as well as later debuting as a solo artist.

8. 84LY

84LY debuted in 2012 with their single “Girl Talk”. The group soon disbanded in 2013.

9. The Ark

The Ark debuted in 2015 with their song “The Light”. The group disbanded in 2016 due to multiple reasons, such as their debut not having great success & their company trying to change their concept to a sexy concept

10. X1

X1 debuted in 2019 with their song “Flash”. The group disbanded less than a year later due to the Produce voting manipulationscandal.

Special Mentions

HINAPIA, ACE (the girl group not boy group A.C.E), Kiss&Cry, BLK, M.Crown, 1NB, LoveUs, BB Boys,Bulldok

  1. Bob Girls
  2. BTL (Beyond The Limit)
  3. Shuhua
  4. IZ*ONE
  5. Samuel Kim
  6. The Ark
  7. X1
  8. One
  9. Punch
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8 days ago

The Ark was something fresh and special, and they were extremely talented. All members had the ability to do things individually or with other groups (which they did), but they were the best together, as shown in the busking videos at Han River.



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8 days ago

flash is pretty iconic for being both debut and disbandment song haha


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