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Netizens request Seolhyun to be removed from the drama 'Day and Night' but the production team states otherwise


Recently, netizens have requested that AOA member Seolhyun be removed from the new drama 'Day and Night' after former AOA member Mina exposed Seolhyun for being an alleged bystander. However, the production team for the drama revealed that they will continue with filming with Seolhyun as planned.

Currently, a red flag has been put up for Seolhyun as she became involved in the AOA bullying incident as a 'bystander'. Previously, Mina revealed on her social media and stated that Seolhyun was negligent of the whole incident stating, "Of course all the members knew that I was having a difficult time because of Ms. Shin (Jimin). When I talked to Ms. Kim (Seolhyun) at the end, she said she didn't care what happens. She said she just doesn't like the situation. She is a bystander who is no different from the bully in my opinion so I was disappointed."

Due to this statement, Seolhyun has been constantly been part of the hot topic discussed by netizens. Particularly, Seolhyun is continuously being involved in the controversy and called a bystander because Mina had expressed her distress while promotion with AOA and even tried to take her own life. 

Ultimately, the controversy increased to the point where many netizens have requested the production team to remove Seolhyun from the new tvN drama 'Day and Night', which is going under production.

The drama 'Day and Night' is scheduled to begin airing at the end of this year. However, many netizens have taken interest in the drama when Seolhyun was confirmed to appear in it. Many netizens are already reacting negatively to the drama as the majority state "Seolhyun should voluntarily leave the drama."

The production team of 'Day and Night' is now in an unexpected difficult situation. They revealed that Seolhyun will appear in the drama as planned because they have already filmed a quite bit of the drama. The production team stated, "There will be no change in the cast unless the cast member herself requests otherwise."

Likewise, currently, the drama 'Day and Night' is under fire due to the recent controversy of AOA.

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TheMooseLordLee1,254 pts Monday, August 10, 2020 12
Monday, August 10, 2020

How do people think bullying Seolhyun is any different from Mina being bullied? You can’t be this vocal about how disgusted you are and all the punishment Jimin should get but then turn around and try ruin someone else’s life/career.


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mama-knows579 pts Monday, August 10, 2020 4
Monday, August 10, 2020

I hope the production crew stands their ground and not give in to mob mentality. It's a tragic situation but we've only heard one side of the story and Seolhyun has had no chance to give her side. I am hopeful that Mina will be able to get treatment and is able to heal as she is obviously not mentally well. I deeply empathize with her as I have had my own battle with mental illness. But when you are in that state your perception can be greatly distorted. We shouldn't be so quick to try to destroy others when we don't have a full picture of what actually happened.


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