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Netizens believe that the alleged victim who revealed SF9 member Dawon's school bullying is lying


Recently, SF9 member Dawon was accused of being a school bully by an anonymous person on Twitter who claimed to have attended both elementary and junior high school with him.

After the claim was made, fans and netizens have been requesting evidence from the alleged victim. The victim first claimed, "It's been over 10 years, where would I have evidence?" but later uploaded photos of the school albums and a group photo with Dawon.

Since then, FNC Entertainment made an official statement denying the claims involving Dawon. FNC Entertainment claimed they had confirmed that this alleged victim did attend to the same school as Dawon but the allegations cannot be confirmed to be true.

However, after the alleged victim uploaded the photos as evidence, the netizen investigation team began to question the evidence themselves.

On July 15th, a netizen posted on an online community the Twitter conversation with the alleged victim. The netizens claimed the graduation albums were in the wrong graduation year as Dawon.

The netizen explained to the victim that Dawon graduated high school in the year 2014, but the alleged victim seemed to have graduated in 2013.

The netizen went on to explain on the online post that Dawon is born in July 1995. So everyone born in 1995 would have graduated and attended college in 2014. The victim who is claiming to be his school mate states he graduated in 2013 but then asked if Dawon got left-back and repeated a year. However, if what the victim asks if Dawon repeated a year, Dawon would have graduated in 2015.

Fans have been baffled by this evidence and the alleged victim's claims.

They have commented:

"How do you forget the year you graduated and entered college."

"The person can find out when he entered college if he goes to school and gets the information."

"I guess you have to be smart to claim lies. lol."

"The guy erased the original post he made since the situation flipped."

"How do you not remember when you went to college. I think you can forget everything else. but when you go to college you have to introduce to everyone the year you entered."

"I'm not an SF9 fan but this is ridiculous and makes me mad."

"In Korean society, everyone calculates their age from their college entrance year. How do you forget that?"

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Secretninja3124,844 pts Wednesday, July 15, 2020 4
Wednesday, July 15, 2020

The whole situation just seemed awfully convenient for the accuser. Popping out right after SF9 got another win on a music show, when they're growing, plus its right after another label mate's bullying scandal...it just seems like someone crying for attention or just out to try and ruin his career.

If this whole bullying situation is true then why are we only hearing about it now? SF9 has been around for quite a few years now, they're not exactly an unknown unheard of group. They've been consistently active in the industry all this time.


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RXSHINEE698 pts Wednesday, July 15, 2020 0
Wednesday, July 15, 2020

STOP hating on dawon for no reason!!!!!! omg what the hell where did sudden hate come for dawon??? half of yall never even cared for him !!! he is so talaneted and sweet and its hella obvious that the accuser is doing this shit at a time were sf9 are gettig big and fnc is having problems with bullying in general



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