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Cube Entertainment artists are obsessed about juice and netizens find it hilarious


According to netizens, Cube Entertainment artists have been obsessed about 'Tipco' juice lately!

The obsession has spread to (G)I-DLE's Yuqi:

To BTOB's Eunkwang:

To Yu Seon Ho:

To Pentagon's Kino:

To Pentagon's Hongseok:

And the familiar juice box even made an appearance in (G)I-DLE's "I'm The Trend" MV!

To clarify, no Cube Entertainment artist officially endorses this juice brand. Fans say that a board member of Cube Entertainment is also the head of the company which imports 'Tipco' juice, and so there are often boxes of 'Tipco' juice found in places inside the Cube building. 

And there's one Cube Entertainment idol who is obsessed with 'Tipco' juice right now like no other. It's Pentagon's Shinwon!

When the winning "prize" from a live broadcast turned out to be a box of 'Tipco' juice:

Shinwon's reaction was:

Shinwon was even seen using 'Tipco' juice as the thumbnail to one of his solo 'V Live' broadcasts: 

However, Shinwon says that the coconut-flavored 'Tipco' juice is "Not it. This is just not it." 

Netizens found the appearance of the infamous 'Tipco' juice in various Cube Entertainment artists' platforms the funniest thing, and commented, "It's so funny how they're literally not trying to endorse that juice at all. They all just drink it because it tastes good LOL", "If you're not even getting paid for it, why did you all take those selves like some advertisement kekekeke", "Kekekeke I guess the package does look pretty tasty, I wanna try it", "Shinwon said that the orange is sold out now kekekekeke", "I've had those before, the broccoli flavor is so tasty, it tastes like grape and not like vegetable", "These days that juice makes an appearance at least once in every Cube artists' 'V Live' kekekeke", "Wait are you serious, it's not an ad? Kekekeke", and more!

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jack-bean (Banned)
jack-bean (Banned)2,291 pts Wednesday, July 8, 2020 0
Wednesday, July 8, 2020

That's some pretty blatant product placement but hey, everyone has bills to pay.



earthworm583 pts Wednesday, July 8, 2020 0
Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Yeah sure everyone at the same company just happens to REALLY like the same juice and love to take photos of it. Pure coincidence! Totally not sponsored in any way!



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