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Yoochun announces delivery of controversial photo book 'Someday' has been postponed


Yoochun has announced the delivery of his controversial photo book 'Someday' has been postponed.

On May 13, Yoochun explained on Instagram that the release of his controversial photo book has been delayed. He stated, "I ask for your understanding because the delivery of the photo book, which was scheduled to be delivered in June, has been postponed to July because of the disruption of the overall schedule due to the coronavirus," adding, "I ask for your understanding as the schedule has been postponed."

He apologized, saying, "We'll announce the delivery date and signing schedule later. We'll make sure the delivery will proceed as soon as possible." It's reported the photo book was delayed after the recent spread of COVID-19 from the Itaewon area. 

As previously reported, Yoochun received criticism for his photo book as he announced its release less than a year after his illegal drug use charges and following his alleged retirement. 'Someday' is also under fire for its high price point at $75 USD or 91,000 Won compared to the average price of an idol photo book, which is around 30,000 Won ($24.50 USD).

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YuliaS-961 pts Thursday, May 14, 2020 0
Thursday, May 14, 2020

Here, some people doubt Yuchuns honesty and worry about his fans - so I decided to add information

After the sale of the medal began, Yuchuns former company asked him to stop, and he had to obey and stop selling. He paid fines to the Japanese companies with which he signed a contract. The company had to return the money to all customers, but it wasnt done, Yuchun decided to first return the money from yustory, and then ask the Japanese company to return the money to us.

Currently, Japanese fans who paid for medals in 2018 are tweeted that they have already received a refund of their money + 500 yen from above, as was originally promised.

PS: Fraud involves illicit enrichment, while Yuchon not only didnt get rich, but also lost his own money, as he was forced to pay the forfeit and fine of a Japanese company from his own pocket. And now, at the expense of her own funds, she returns to the fans money + 500 yen from above for everyone. Not the fact that he will be able to return the money from a Japanese company.



crystalwildfire3,528 pts Wednesday, May 13, 2020 0
Wednesday, May 13, 2020

I've ordered goods like in early fall (Oct) which I was expecting well.. by Christmas at least (posters, t-shirts, buttons, etc.)... didn't *ship* until Jan 17th. bought fan club Feb 3rd, still haven't received anything. Bought signed albums, took *two* months to ship and then longer to receive it. Bought other signed albums in March (mid) .. finally just received notice saying it's been indefinitely delayed. *All of them had my money for MONTHS prior .. and it has been a few hundred dollars held up.

Not saying that this is what is happening with this just saying that there are many that have delayed shipping stuff. Some people here are acting like it's not happening everywhere.

concert tickets delayed indefinitely - no refund. when rescheduled if you can't make it too bad - no refund.
cruises - no refund for those that lost out. if they didn't have the right insurance. etc. etc.

Anyway, one should be even handed when talking about issues. (and not just because you don't like them (rightly or wrongly).)



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