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Details on legal drug allegedly injected by Wheesung before passing out in bathroom revealed


The details on the legal drug allegedly injected by Wheesung before he passed out in a bathroom have been revealed.

As previously reported, the 38-year-old singer was found unconscious in a building bathroom on March 31, and a plastic bag, syringes, and a bottle containing liquid were found on site. Wheesung, who is currently under investigation for the illegal use of Propofol, then underwent a drug test at the police station, but his urine was negative for illegal drugs.

According to reports on April 2, the alleged drug used by Wheesung before he passed out is etomidate (also marketed as Amidate), which is a short-acting intravenous anaesthetic agent. Etomidate is said to be similar in effect as Propofol, which has earned it the nickname "second Propofol," and it's described as a white, emulsified injection in a colorless, transparent ampule. If an overdose of etomidate is administered, side effects like low blood pressure and cortisol reduction can occur, which can lead to a loss of consciousness.

Though Propofol is classified as a narcotic, etomidate is designated as a specialist medicine, so there is no legal punishment for buyers. Data from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety also reveals that imports of etomidate are rising every year.

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mastylee172 pts Thursday, April 2, 2020 1
Thursday, April 2, 2020

He needs help, his mental state is not well, how desperate/addiction he must have to be able to sleep that he is being investigated for the use of propofol and is going to buy that anaesthetic and inject himself in a public place. I have seen the cctv and clearly he has symptoms of need it.


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nunyabsnss5,168 pts Thursday, April 2, 2020 0
Thursday, April 2, 2020

Oh, this isn't looking good at all for him. The fact that he's using "second propofol" makes it look more likely that he probably has use real propofol before. I just truly hopes that he gets help. Addiction is not something that you can deal with on your own and I hope that instead of prison, he'll go to rehab and get counseling.



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