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Swing Entertainment & Off the Record to co-manage IZ*ONE, CJ ENM to produce albums


Swing Entertainment and Off the Record will be co-managing IZ*ONE, while CJ ENM will be producing the girl group's albums in the future.

On March 10, Swing Entertainment, who was also the managing company behind Wanna One and X1, confirmed, "Swing Entertainment has joined IZ*ONE's new management alongside Off the Record." It was also reported CJ ENM will be handling IZ*ONE's album production.

Pledis Entertainment CEO Han Sung Soo further confirmed the label will no longer be producing IZ*ONE's albums. Pledis produced the 'Produce 48' project girl group's debut album 'COLOR*IZ', 'HEART*IZ', and their most recent 'BLOOMZ*IZ' album.

In other news
, IZ*ONE made their comeback with "Fiesta" last month.

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forgivemenot1790 pts Tuesday, March 10, 2020 1
Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Just some additional information for those who are interested just to explain all the player's here, Swing Entertainment is the the name YMC used to manage Wanna One on behalf of CJ ENM, YMC also managed IOI; Swing Ent's CEO was Shin Don Gil a manager from YMC but in December 2019 it was announced that YMC's founder Cho Yoo-myung will be taking over as Swing's new CEO and will probably be IZ*ONE's new producer with the group now operating out of YMC's building most likely.

Off The Record is the name Pledis has been using to manage IZ*ONE and fromis_9 as well as CJ ENM's trainees that signed to CJ ENM from Idol School on behalf of CJ ENM, that's why they are seen in Pledis's building and training rooms during Vlives and such, at the end of December 2019 Pledis denied a news report that said fromis_9's contract had been transferred to them by CJ ENM which begs the question if Pledis still looking after fromis_9 as Off The Record or are they also going to Swing Entertainment or another company?

Off The Record is owned by CJ ENM but it isn't a real company in that it doesn't have facilities or management and such, all that was fleshed out by Pledis and it remains to be seen whether the management from Off The Record that is going to work with Swing is from the Pledis side or the CJ ENM side, it could be that the Pledis staff that has been looking after them will remain for continuity.

One last interesting fact is that YMC and Pledis have a history together, when YMC started out it they didn't have any facilities so it's artists like Ailee trained at Pledis.


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usavetpatrio26 pts Thursday, March 12, 2020 0
Thursday, March 12, 2020

Can't understand how they could successfully manage IOI, Fromis9, and IZONE but totally f*ck up their own girl groups like After School, Orange Caramel, and Pristin.



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