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Actor Lee Shin Young's label denies past bullying rumors


Actor Lee Shin Young's label has denied bullying rumors surrounding the 'Crash Landing on You' star.

Recent posts made online alleged the actor was widely known as a violent bully during his school days, stating, "I'm going to only share what I saw for sure. He kicked his classmate 3 times during break in the first year of middle school just because he stared at him. He then gathered his close friends and verbally abused him."

His agency Forest Entertainment has now responded, "As a result of our confirmation, he has never been involved in anything related to the content written on the anonymous community. However, if anyone was hurt by reckless words and actions in middle school, he would like to apologize to them. We would also like to send apologies to senior actors and the production crew who are working hard in the cold for the drama, who are being affected by our actor's behavior during his immature days."

Forest Entertainment also added that they would be taking legal action against malicious comments and rumors.

The posters of the initial allegations have now retracted their claims after the label's announcement. One poster clarified, "I just saw the situation while passing by, so I didn't know for sure. A lot of time has passed, so I also don't remember accurately. Thinking back, I think Shin Young wasn't there. I may have seen incorrectly because of someone who was a similar height as size as him."

Another posted stated, "I was friends with Shin Young in my first year of middle school. We didn't have a major fight outside, but we argued on the phone. The next day, we had a bit of a fist fight at school. That's all, and it was resolved well without any major incidents. I don't have any hard feelings about this."

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knetz : I saw for sure

knetzs, after FE's reaction: I just saw the situation while passing by, so I didn't know for sure

Those haters are the biggest enemies of K Ent, destroying careers and lives


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Can we say grow up and forgive something a CHILD may or may not have done, Mr Perfect?



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