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YG Entertainment's stock price soars, surpass SM Entertainment to become the highest among all Korean Entertainment companies


On February 3rd, YG Entertainment's stock price reached 33,850 KRW per share, surpassing SM Entertainment as the Korean Media company with highest price per share. SM came in at second spot with 33,250 KRW and JYP at third with 25,150.

YGE suffered heavy drops in their stock price last year during Burning Sun Scandal with the stocks dropping as low as 16000 KRW, but it seems their stocks are back to normal and soaring after positive reception to the news of Big Bang's comeback at Coachella, Blackpink's upcoming album, iKon's return as 6, Treasure's debut, and more. YGE's stocks are expected to rise further more in the coming months with these plans coming to fruition.

  1. Big Bang
  3. iKON
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orafi822 pts Tuesday, February 4, 2020 4
Tuesday, February 4, 2020

This article is comparing price per share of 3 major labels, nothing else. It doesn't say YG's market cap (total value of their shares) is the highest. Having said that it looks like YG is doing much better and the confidence of their investors is growing, which undoubtedly some people won't like.


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dreamer9657 pts Tuesday, February 4, 2020 17
Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Im sorry I really wanna laugh, when yg stans say stocks doesn't determine a company success when their stocks hit record low, some particular fandom call them delusional and including akp who love to suck their balls made about 10 article everyday to announce 'YG is out of Big3'. Now this article is out these same people goes 'LOL stocks doesn't determine everything! Are you yg stans 3 y/o???' The article didn't even claim YG is number 1 yet these people are jumping out because they can't get to see YG go bankrupt or BigBang disband so their fave are not threaten. This site is really for dumbass teenagers.


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