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Netizens criticize judicial system after Seungri's second pre-trial detention warrant is dismissed



Netizens are criticizing Korea's judicial system after Seungri's second pre-trial detention warrant was dismissed. 

Many are angered by judge Song Kyung Ho's decision to reject the warrant, which is often issued when there is reason to believe the suspect may tamper evidence or flee.

Netizens have been angrily commenting on articles regarding Seungri, stating: 

"Is this how a country should be run?!"

"This is amazing. Is this what it means to be above the law?"

"Judge Song Kyung Ho! You should judge him as if he was a regular citizen. How is this acceptable?!"

What do you think of this issue? 

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maragana1,392 pts 16 days ago 10
16 days ago

Powerful people in any country they live in get away with crimes a lot but not every person of power is guilty of a crime they're charged with. At this point, Korean netizens want this to be a witch hunt or hold a kangaroo court of their own against celebrities. If Seungri is convicted, then the netizens win. If Seungri isn't charged, then he's guilty of bribery and the Korean judicial system and law is corrupt. If netizens have created this mindset that Seungri is to be either guilty or corrupt when there hasn't been enough evidence of him doing these acts, then I think it's the netizens who are in the wrong.


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AtlMonbebe15314 pts 16 days ago 29
16 days ago

Must be a slow day in for the Knetz. If there is no evidence to use against him, what do y'all want? Let the man live. There isn't evidence they have to bring to the table. All the people complaining about the justice system should go find the evidence they're so desperately for and provide it to the prosecution.


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