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[MV and Album Review] Sungmin – 'Orgel'



Track List:

1. Orgel (Music Box) *Title

2. Stay

3. Zzz…

4. Rest

5. I Pray

Sungmin of Super Junior has just dropped his debut EP, his very first mini-album titled 'Orgel.' The title means "music box," which is an appropriate title as any. There are five acoustic tracks on the mini-album, including the title track.

Sung to a guitar, "Orgel" is an ode to a music box that, like him, keeps going without complaint. Sungmin leverages his tender voice and falsetto to give the song some emotional heft, and the song is better for it. "Stay" is quieter than "Orgel." It starts with a piano, and Sungmin pitches his voice a bit higher for this one. The song itself is comparing his lover to the night sky, and telling her he misses her. It seems to be a post-breakup tune. "Zzz..." is a song about wanting to do nothing but sleep. I can relate. And so can Sungmin, it appears, as he sings about this along with an acoustic guitar. It's about the most lively song on here so far. And various instruments make an appearance here, including an accordion. It's refreshingly upbeat.

He goes full-on ballad on "Rest." This one is about throwing off expectations and rules, and just resting for a while. What do I mean by a full-on ballad? Once we make it past the opening verses, an orchestra joins in, and it becomes billowy and expansive. The music fades to a quiet denouement and his vocals finish out the piece. On "I Pray" Sungmin sings about Christmas. So if you're annoyed that they have Christmas decorations up already, maybe skip this one. Or not. It's vaguely festive, or at least as festive as a ballad can get. Listening to it should give you those childhood feels, because, as he sings on here: "Everyone's a child on Christmas."

So the Super Junior singer has put together an effective, moving, singer-songwriter style album. Every track is played acoustically, rather than resorting to synths. And it works quite well, as his vocals reflect tenderness, longing, and even a serene happiness, depending on the song. The thing I'm glad about is he didn't decide to write about a breakup, and then another one, and then another. He decided to shake it up a bit, and share some of his wisdom about life. And that's worth writing home about.


In his new MV for "Orgel," Sungmin plays with a music box.

Okay, there's more to it than that, but you have to admit the music box plays a pretty big part.

He gets wistful here. He checks out old photographs, dons spectacles and plays the guitar in his house, drinks a beer alone, goes out on his balcony and spends some time near the Han River, and even takes a walk through town. And meanwhile, the music box keeps playing and spinning.

Seems to me the theme is one of loss and loneliness. He spends all his time companion-less in this MV. And he just whiles his time doing that, occasionally pausing to wind the music box.

It's a lovely music box, too. Ornate and lovingly crafted, serene and dutiful. And he keeps winding it.

It's not bad, if a little slow. They spend quite a bit of time showing how Sungmin does this or that. But you never really get a sense the MV moves forward. He doesn't find anyone or come to any earth-shattering conclusions, he just continues living, isolated from everyone.

It's okay, with interesting camera angles and details, but I was hoping for a little more.


MV Relevance...........8

MV Production..........7

MV Concept..............8


Album Production.....8

Album Concept.........8




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