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BLACKPINK Jennie is spotted at Ariana Grande's Halloween Party and netizens react


BLACKPINK Jennie had a great time overseas at Ariana Grande's Halloween Party.

Jennie posted photos on her Instagram attending a birthday party for Will Smith's youngest daughter Willow Smith and a special Halloween party hosted by Ariana Grande on October 31st. Among those present at the party were billboard topping starts like Lizzo and Nicki Minaj.

Jennie attended Ariana Grande's Halloween party as "Alice from Wonderland" and shared photos taken with Ariana's best friend Alexa Luria on SNS.

Jennie has also attended Kendall Jenner's Halloween Party previously where top stars like Justin Bieber's wife Hailey Bieber, Gigi Hadid Bella Hadid's sister and Jaden Smith made an appearance.

In the meantime, BLACKPINK recently completed their first world tour with 32 performances in 23 cities in four continents after released of their 2nd mini album 'Kill This Love' in April. The group will hold performances at the Tokyo Dome in December, Osaka Kyocera Dome in January and Fukuoka Dome in February.

  1. [+456, -183] Jennie is so pretty! Please make a comeback with all of blackpink soon 😭😭😭😭😭😭
  2. [+295, -65] Jendeukkie~
  3. [+276, -57] Our global Jendeukkie..
  4. [+256, -62] As expected of global idol Jendeukkie~ Let's stay together forever with all BLINKs worldwide ^^ 😘🖤💕
  5. [+211, -21] Love you Jennie 💓💓👑
  6. [+103, -31] When is your comeback? I want to hear some real news..our Jendeukkie so cute~
  7. [+90, -11] Jennie, I miss you. Please come back soon.💖
  8. [+63, -4] It's good to see that she's having fun~
  9. [+50, -3] Global IT girl Kim Jennie.
  10. [+43, -2] Wherever she goes everyone loves her..so cute ㅋㅋ
  11. [+46, -8] She looks like a famous royal fairy tale princess
  12. [+41, -3] This is why it's so important to learn English~
  1. Jennie
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KALINKO549 pts Saturday, November 2, 2019 0
Saturday, November 2, 2019

I'm glad she's out having fun



Minty_Tree6 pts Saturday, November 2, 2019 0
Saturday, November 2, 2019

“kill this album” isn’t the album name????? why didn’t they edit this yet



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