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POSITIVE Kpop Opinions

  • Fandoms do really well with supporting their Kpop groups
  • Lightsticks are honestly the best part of a kpop groups merch
  • Kpop has really made their mark the past few years
  • Kpop is one of the best genres of music highkey
  • Idols are all beautiful and shouldn't want to change themselves
  • All groups are different and all talented so they all deserve a good spot in their career


We want to mention that this account is ran by two people. So this means if some of our opinions overlap another its because this is run by two different people with two different opinions (even though we agree most of the time). The last post was our opinion and yes we are open to comments about your opinion but no hate because we didn't put hate within our last post so you shouldn't either. (please don't tell us to "Go tO tHE ForUMs") (yes, we read your comments) 

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Wang_LouisXIV1,624 pts Monday, September 30, 2019 1
Monday, September 30, 2019

The positivity is nice, but
1) You will get better discussion and feedback in the forums, as most users feel that is the much more appropriate location for this sort of content.
2) You must be aware of this because you asked not to be told to take it to the forums.
3) It's somewhat pretentious to believe you would or should be treated any differently than those who have behaved similarly
4) If anything, posting anyway knowing the sort of behavior it should warrant as a reaction, should result in an even harsher reaction.

So, out of curious what makes you think either you are special, or your content is any different?



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pink_oracle3,809 pts Monday, September 30, 2019 0
Monday, September 30, 2019

Go tO tHE ForUMs, please.



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