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[Song & MV Review] Jessi – 'Who Dat B'



Track List:

1. Who Dat B

Jessi makes her debut on PSY’s P-Nation imprint with "Who Dat B." It's her first single in more than a year, a follow up to "Down." The single has a whopping one song and no instrumental. Jessi is the second-ever artist to release a song for P-Nation.

Some of the press surrounding the song have described this release as "fierce." I disagree and think it is actually a bit bland. Part of Korean hip-hop's problem is that they recycle old trends, using them long after they've fallen out of fashion. I can't call this "old school" because it doesn't really fall into that category. But what I can say about is that it lacks dash.

The song itself sounds rather serious, built around Jessi's husky delivery. That's not a problem in and of itself. In fact, I love her vocals. But I'm a hip-hop fan, and I lost interest halfway through. There are far more artists using a trap beat far more effectively than on this track. One of Jessi's strengths is the ability to switch from rapping to singing at the drop of a hat. And she didn't really do much of that, either. At least the chorus is catchy, and I like the screw the hater's attitude.

So what are we left with? No disrespect to Jessi, but I really didn't get into this song as I did with her other tunes. I guess I was hoping for something a lot more energetic, something I can sink my teeth into. Something that's loud, danceable, and in your face. Hopefully, we get that fierce Jessi that we all love in the next release.


And I can confidently say that the MV is better than the song. In fact, it made me like the song more.

The main verses follow Jessi as she traipses on the rooftops, the architecture of a gothic church front and center. She dances outside that same church later on. She also sits in a rather upscale opera house. And then she and her dancers are onstage in that same area during the chorus.

The effect is rather arresting.

Jessi is dripping with attitude. Far from just another pretty face, she can actually rap, and she brings it here. She looks bold, confident, and sexy like she's ready to kill you if you say something wrong. She has the moves and knows how to use them.

Jessi is quite beautiful and the awesome scenery and backgrounds are a great complement to the visuals. The Gilt-edged pillars, religious iconography built into the church architecture, red carpets, and chandeliers are all stand-out imagery. The whole thing is opulent and quite stunning by itself.

Yeah, I liked the video a lot.


MV Relevance.......9

MV Production......9

MV Concept..........9







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  2. WHO DAT B
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