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YG Removed All Songs Included iKON Albums From B.I's Profile In Music Sites But Didn't Do That For Other Ex-YG Artists Before


YG Entertainment continuesto delete B.I's name from the sites he contains, without slowing down.

On 3rd July, YGE removed all iKON albums and the other songs which B.I produced and sing from his profile on Melon and Soribada. Now, there are just 3 album/songs that their distributor is different from YG which are Mnet songs. Also, iKON albums are removed in his Genie profile too.

It is certainly known that music sites remove or add this kind of information at the companies' requests.

However, the interested thing is that YG Entertainment didn't remove songs/albums from any other artists who left YGE before included PSY, Park Bom, Epik High etc. Even, Seungri has still his own songs and BIGBANG albums in his profile on music sites. Park Bom also has still her solo and 2NE1 songs in her profile.

From that result, this is a really serious issue to discuss. Because, if you search B.I's name on Melon you cannot find any songs sung or produced by B.I except "BE I" from Show Me The Money show. It looks like his all career he built for years disappeared.

 As a main producer/composer for iKON's all discography and other some YG songs, people think that B.I doesn't deserve this disrespectful and unethical action as an artist. His scandal or termination from YG cannot be a reason for that. 

B.I's Melon, Soribada and Genie profiles:

Seungri and Park Bom's Melon profiles:

B.I was the main producer all iKON's albums as lyricist and composer who actually wrote most part of songs' lyrics and demos. He wasn't the only composer, he was also the main producer who arranged the parts and divided between other members. He always tries to put the parts which are perfectly fitted to the members. He controlled the recordings and directed others in the studio. That's why he was the self-producer of iKON's songs. He was the first idol who won "Best Song Writer Of The Year" on Melon Music Awards and iKON was the first group who won "Best Production Of The Year" with this self-production. Because in the past only main producers of the companies included Yang Hyun Suk, Bang Si-Hyuk could win that award. From all these reasons, this news really shocked people.

These are his discography and credits:

What do you think about? Do you think this is unfair?

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DisplayName9753,898 pts Wednesday, July 3, 2019 12
Wednesday, July 3, 2019

I'm disappointed. Even for a moment I didn't believe he left voluntarily but treating him like the worst criminal while defending real criminals is terrible. But I don't understand completely. In the past YG covered many minor or major drug scandals so why this one?


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Aglio_Olio138 pts Wednesday, July 3, 2019 11
Wednesday, July 3, 2019

After all of Hanbin's hard work, YGE really did that ?? ALL OF THOSE TOTALLY PRODUCE BY HIMSELF !!
After you kicked him out and then you took all his owns ??!! YGE IS TOTALLY A SNAKE.
I hope Karma will slap you right on your face and worse than what you did to Hanbin.
After all of this, I regret I ever been a YG stan before 😡


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