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Swing Entertainment releases statement to fans regarding X1's safety


X1 is already experiencing problems with sasaeng fans. Their label, Swing Entertainment, has now released an official statement to fans regarding the group's safety even before the group has started their official promotions.

The statement, which was released on July 22 via Twitter states:

"Hello. This is Swing Entertainment.

First, we thank all fans who have been supporting X1.

For our artists' safety, we are releasing this statement regarding fans who are showing up at places that are not related to the artists' official schedules.

Following the artists to places that are not related to their schedules impedes on their safety and is a violation of their personal life. This is also affecting civilians who have nothing to do with X1 and reflects poorly on the artists' images.

We ask that you refrain from these actions for the sake of X1's safety.

  1. Chasing the artists' cars
  2. Coming to the artists' dorms and label offices
  3. Touching the artists' bodies or taking their items
  4. Keeping the artists' from getting into their transportation
  5. Blocking the roads to the artists' label office and dorms
  6. Interfering with the artists' schedules by blocking their transportation from getting to their schedules

In the case that these actions are executed, we will ban fans from the official fan cafe and official events and schedules.

We ask that you adhere to these guidelines as much as you love and care about X1. Please show your support at the artists' official schedule events

Thank you."

It seems like sasaeng fans have already violated X1's privacy and safety to the point where the label felt a need to address the matters publicly and reveal consequences for sasaeng fan actions. We hope that X1 can pursue their promotions in a safe environment!

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N00R4724 pts Monday, July 22, 2019 0
Monday, July 22, 2019

Who's surprised? Literally no one😞


krell-1,371 pts Tuesday, July 23, 2019 0
Tuesday, July 23, 2019

This AGENCY announcement has a 'feel' of NOISE MARKETING to it.

X1 Group is not quite BTS Group yet. Having said that , some SASAENG FAN behavior

is terrible , no question. But this seems a bit much , so soon for X1 Group.

When a SASAENG FAN does steal some X1 'under garments' and sell them on EBAY ...

THEN I might be more convinced of their 'need' for protection ... 🙂



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