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Contradictory hashtags about 'BTS 5th Muster' surface online after attendees share stories of alleged mistreatment


'BTS 5th Muster: Magic Shop' fan meeting event is receiving mixed buzz.

Following the worldwide-trending hashtag '#BTS5THMUSTER', other related hashtags from the same event began to draw attention from Twitter accordingly. One of these hashtags was written in Korean, one that reads "#Muster_ExplainYourself". This hashtag alarmed certain ARMYs as negative rumors of Big Hit Entertainment's alleged mistreatment of fans surfaced online.

According to the tweets, a group of attendees from 'BTS 5th Muster' were "sexually harassed/commented by security" and about "1000 ARMYs who bought tickets were denied entry". 

However, as there was limited proof, some ARMYs expressed doubt toward the happening's legitimacy and defended BTS as being completely separate from the incident. 

In addition, positive accounts from some other attendees also surfaced.

Regarding this issue, Big Hit Entertainment posted a notice on their official fan cafe about the 'Muster' event rules. According to an ARMY who had access to the post, the company had outlined rules about non-transferable tickets, as well as ID checks to verify the entry of the rightful ticket holder.

Amid these contradicting tweets, another hashtag related to BTS trended, one that reads, "#MySinger_Jimin_ThankYou". Although the hashtag does not trend anymore, the tweets were full of posts dedicated to the BTS member Jimin.

What do you think of this issue?

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DTRT7,283 pts Saturday, June 15, 2019 10
Saturday, June 15, 2019

It sounds like some fans didn't get in because they didn't follow the rules, got mad about it and decided to exaggerate what happened for public sympathy.

A couple things about this:

1. Security is going to put their hands on you to check for weapons or contraband. This is for your safety and BTS' safety.

2. Non-transferable means only the person who bought the tickets can use those tickets. The alternative is scalpers buying all the tickets and reselling them for prices only rich people can afford.

3. "I'm physically and mentally damaged!"

Show us the photos of your injuries if you sustained them. Again, security patting you down for weapons is necessary for safety. If you're upset that you didn't get in because you didn't follow the rules, that's not mental anguish. Get over it and follow the rules next time.

Additional claims:

Police threw chairs at Army and arrested parents? Let's see some proof that happened.

The slogan was bad quality? OMG get over yourselves.


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Indigo_Palmyra1,569 pts Saturday, June 15, 2019 4
Saturday, June 15, 2019

Translation: A select group of highly privileged fans were upset the Muster ticketing was done by lottery excluding them if they'd already attended a fan meet event. It's because of these wealthy/sasaeng fans that the new ID rule was introduced. This was done to prevent scalping and allow more varied fans an opportunity and some didn't like it. This group, now, are capitalizing on the new ID rule knowing full well many would buy 2nd party tickets or not bring proper ID to spread fake outrage.

Besides the self-victimizing Army (who just didn't follow the rules) and the wealthy/entitled sasaengs using it to get back at BH, remember, there have been a lot of "wolves in sheep's clothing" emerging among fandoms in the K communities since March and April. Since one company started to face difficulties, Once, Army, NCTizen, and Ahgase have all faced controversy brought about by "members" of their fandoms. Some of the "Army" twitter accounts who started this were only created a few days ago and aren't even following any BH or BTS accounts. They aren't even clever.


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