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Block B's Taeil continues letter to fans from the military


Block B's Taeil continued his letter to fans from the military.

On June 10, Taeil posted a handwritten letter to fans on Instagram, and he's now followed up with an update. He wrote:

"Other soldiers in my barracks told me they like our songs 'Toy' and 'Hero' the best. Whenever anyone is humming a Block B song, I can't help but smile.

Because most of the other soldiers are young enough to be my younger brothers, they call out to me, saying, 'Hyung! Hyung!' They also follow me well, and I'm having a comfortable time in the army.

Our barracks are deep in the mountains of Hwacheon in Gangwon Province, so I think that's why I can see so many stars at night. Looking up at the stars before I go to bed fills me with a lot of thoughts. Happy memories, unfortunate memories, those around me, and more.

Whenever I think of something, I write it down in a notepad I bought with me. I want to try writing music while I'm in the army, so I think it'll be a great inspiration for lyrics. For the one and a half years I'm here, I hope I become healthier in body and mind. I'll work hard on my music. My goal is to gain many things from this time, so it doesn't feel wasteful.

Of course, my discharge date is nowhere in sight yet... Haha.

I'm not sure when this letter will reach Seoul, but writing this before I go to sleep makes me feel nice. It feels like I'm in a long distance relationship. I can't update social media myself, but I'll keep you updated on how I'm doing since I have our official account.

It looks like the others are going to bed, so I should get going now. Today was such a happy day for me thanks to your letters. I'm going to read your letters again tomorrow and start the day in good spirits.

Thank you, BBC!

Private No. 155 Lee Tae Il"

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Saturday, June 29, 2019

He's so cute, I already miss him


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