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Lee Sung Kyung says her new film 'Girl Cops' has no relation to the 'Burning Sun' scandal


Lee Sung Kyung talked about the Burning Sun scandal. 

'Girl Cops' starring Lee Sung Kyung and Ra Mi Ran is a comedic action film, which also deals with heavy topics including digital sex crimes - a prevalent topic in today's society.

The new film is scheduled to release in theaters on May 9, in midst of the ongoing scandal involving Jung Joon YoungSeungri, and more. With this in mind, some believed 'Girl Cops' has some relation to or predicted the Burning Sun scandal.

During a cafe interview about the film on May 8, Lee Sung Kyung shared thoughts on the rumors and said, "The film just coincidentally overlaps with the Burning Sun scandals. Such cases have been occurring but it just recently became an issue. I don't think it's bad for everyone to give attention."

She continued, "I'm a person who just casually thought, 'Such issues happened. It made the news.' But I became more aware of the issue through the film. I came to think of the issue once again while filming the movie."

Lee Sung Kyung added, "We have many discussions during movie filming. We shared the news and thought, 'The incidents in the movie are not fake but real.' I grew aware. I hope such sincerity also gets delivered to the audience."

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People must be dumb to believe that this movie was made in relation to the Burning Sun scandal. Big budget movies does not take a couple of weeks or a month to film, redo scenes, and edit the entire film. It takes months and lots of preparing to complete filming and to put it out. It just coincidentally overlapped the scandal.



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