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Hyungsik says people didn't notice his terrible acting because he wasn't famous as an idol


During an interview about his new film 'Juror 8,'  Hyungsik opened up about his acting skills.

In the past, the idol-actor has appeared on a number of dramas including 'Suits,' 'Nine,' 'The Heirs,' and more. The interviewer pointed out Hyungsik was never stirred up in a controversy for bad acting. On this, Hyungsik said, "I wasn't famous when I was an idol. My acting was terrible in the beginning but nobody gave attention."

He continued, "So I had a lot of time to study. There is terrible acting I'm still embarrassed about and wish to delete in history but fortunately, people didn't give attention. They started seeing me at the point when I was doing not bad."

Hyungsik also shared filming dramas is more fearful than filming movies because dramas are filmed and broadcasted at such a fast pace that he has no time to monitor. 

Meanwhile, 'Juror 8' is releasing in theaters on May 15. 

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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

So honest and Lucky guy, well, Many years ago, there was a very strong social prejudice where kpop idols or kpop artists were treated as garbage by Most of Korean society and specially by the korean Experts in kdrama and kfilm industry. It does not matter if kpop idol/artists-actors were very talented, k-people and k-experts did not love them as much as they loved the k-actors. K-people and k-experts believed that an true actor is much more talented and more valuable than any kpop idol or kpop artist. people did not appreciate Kpop idols/artists or kpop idol-actors's brilliant talents, people only criticized them, especially if that kpop idol-actor is a famous idol or a female kpop idol-actor/kpop artist-actor who is working for a kpop company, of course the k-people and the k-experts were really much harder and more cruel with the famous kpop idols-actors/actresses or famous kpop artists-actresses/actors who wanted to make a career in the world of acting than with the kpop idolos or kpop artists who were trying to make their solo careers in the world of kpop industry, but for the experts of those hard times there were only 2 types of kpop idols or kpop artists at acting: those who have the talent at acting as yoochun, yoona, siwan, lee seung gi, yoon eun hye, etc, and those who have not the talent at acting as Most of the kpop idolos-actors or kpop artists-actors who tried to make a career in acting, of course some kpop idols-actors were saved from the harsh criticism by the k-experts and the k-people because they were not very famous kpop idols or kpop artists then nobody noticed their bad/poor acting, But Now things have changed a lot since 5 years ago, k-people have become kinder with the kpop idols/artists-actors who want to make their acting career although most of the news kpop idol/artists-actors can not act because they do not really have the talent at acting, but they will make popular the kdrama/kfilm in which they are working even if the kdrama is bad that kdrama will become popular because of these kpop idols/artists-actors's fame and fandoms, while the k-experts are still a little hard for that the experts almost never choose kpop idols/artists- actors as nominees much less as winners for the important categories of best new actor or best actor or excellence at acting, etc. ONLY Some few kpop idols/artist- actors with true talent at acting became winners on those important awards given by the same k-experts/i-experts. While Most idols/artists-actors only get to win the award give by fans's votes. So Hard reality but that is the reality in kdrama or film industry.


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adnirvs5,958 pts Wednesday, May 8, 2019 1
Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Very true. His advantage was that he was not that famous as an Idol and people hence saw his growth as an actor as a positive thing. If a famous idol becomes an actor, people doesn't give them a chance to grow. They are judged harshly from the beginning itself and that in fact may hinder their growth as an actor.


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