Posted by Germaine-Jay Friday, March 15, 2019

'1N2D' to take hiatus until further notice due to Jung Joon Young's controversy


KBS' '1 Night 2 Days' will be taking a hiatus until further notice following Jung Joon Young's controversy.

Jung Joon Young returned to the show after his first hidden camera controversy in 2016 when he was acquitted, and with his recent chatroom scandal, viewers are calling for his withdrawal from the variety show. On March 15, KBS released the following official statement:

"KBS' '1N2D' will be halting airing and production. KBS has banned singer Jung Joon Young, who is being investigated for filming and sharing illegal footage, from all its programs. Furthermore, '1N2D' will be halting all broadcasts and production until further notice. With this, another show will take over its time slot this week. In consideration of viewers who wait to watch '1N2D' every Sunday, we reviewed the option of editing Jung Joon Young out from all the footage of the 2 episodes that have already been filmed. However, the severity of the current events have caused us to decide to reorganize the entire program. KBS deeply apologizes for not managing our cast members more thoroughly, and we will prepare measures to avoid another occurrence. As singer Jung Joon Young had a similar controversy 3 years ago, we feel strong responsibility for simply accepting the decision of investigative authorities to acquit him and not confirming before deciding on his return to the cast. KBS will prepare fundamental measures to include intensified screening of cast so a similar incident does not occur again."  

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AmNeutral22 pts Friday, March 15, 2019 4
Friday, March 15, 2019

Firstly, I am gonna need time to get used to the vast amount I had to absorb the last few day, with this article being the brunt of it. I can understand why 2D1N would go into hiatus. If this was the first time JJY did it and he was kicked out, it would be easier to continue as they have the intern as the 6th member anyway. But as this is the 2nd time, it will be hard to gain back the viewers of the show. Not only will they find the empty spot overwhelming (not in a good way of course), the members won't be able to act all cheery like usual. They can't 'pretend' that he didn't exist. There has to be a smooth transition, and hiatus is the only way, I understand. I can only hope they resume the show with the remaining 6 members one day. I can wait.

Secondly, why do I have a feeling that this case is no where near the end. It has only been less than a week, and it is already spread like wildfire. I won't be surprised if a random, rural village knows about this. It feels like the prologue ended with the arrest of Gatsby, initial chapters bring up the readers to show the next few culprits, and we have yet to see the climax. Honestly, I am really considering writing a book retelling on this stuff. Call it 'The Twisted Gatsby' instead of 'The Great Gatsby'.


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Y_C_Lee1,842 pts Friday, March 15, 2019 1
Friday, March 15, 2019

Fxxking scum dragging people down. Cast and crew losing the losing for god knows how long because of this clown.


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