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Wheesung apologizes for his comment about 'scolding' junior singers


Wheesung has issued an apology regarding his previous statement.

On February 1, Wheesung had shared a post showing WELL, a group of junior singers preparing for his upcoming concert. In the caption, he wrote, "They'll singer better than this when I beat them with a bat," with a use of derogatory slang, as noted by netizens. 

Although the singer did apologize once, the comment also backfired because of its 'mocking' tone. When a fan told him that he "probably can't say this if [he] had been watching the news lately," Wheesung replied, "I am watching the news."

Hours after changing his Instagram to a private account, Wheesung returned with an apology statement in a post below. He wrote:

"I apologize. I realized that, even though only I own the username and password to my SNS account, the virtual space itself is a public space. I acknowledge the fact that I have lacked the capacity to realize that up to this point. 

First of all, I would like to point out that the artist that I am preparing, 'WELL', and their producers and related artists and I always fool around without barriers, with a tendency to joke around as close friends.

The inappropriate practice that is currently going on in the world of sports is something that I myself is infuriated about. Since watching the news, I have told myself that I will never become an instructor or a producer like that, but since that was the reality of these days, I wanted to mock those circumstances. But my intentions were misled, and the fact that the subject was a female was also my lack of caution, which I acknowledge and apologize a hundred times."

In addition, Wheesung also apologized for inappropriately reacting to certain DMs that "coined him as somewhat of a perpetrator of violence against women." The singer claimed that it was "partly from his own victim mentality," as he used to think that women were "upheld higher than needed in terms of social justice."

Check out the original post below.

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사죄의 말씀 올립니다 우선 현재 제가 쓰고 있는 본 SNS계정이 아이디와 비번을 소유하고 있더라 하더라도 가상공간의 공공장소 임을 자각하는데에 제가 부족함이 크게 있었다는 점 인정하고 사죄드립니다 우선 제가 제작하고 있는 아티스트 'WELL' 과 저의 관계는 제작자와 소속아티스트 관계이외에 워낙 허물이 없고 서로 놀리거나 장난을 많이 치는 매우 가까운 친구 관계이기도 함을 밝혀 드립니다 현재 체육계의 잘못된 관행에는 진심 저 스스로도 분개하고 있는 바입니다 뉴스를 접하면서 결코 난 저런 교육자나 제작자가 되지 말자 여러차례 마음 먹기도 하였고 그런 요즘이기에 현실을 비꼬는 감정이 잘 못 표출 되었고 그 대상이 여성이었던 점도 제가 주의 하지 않은 부분 백번 인정하고 사죄 드립니다. 저 스스로 의도가 불순하지 않았기에 제가 마치 잠재적 여성 폭행 가해자 처럼 몰아져가는 몇몇분의 DM과 댓글에 과하게 예민하여 옳지 못한 언행으로 불쾌감을 표시했고 그로인해 정황을 모르는 많은 분들이 충분히 오해할 수 있었다는 점 인정하고 사죄 드립니다. 저는 제가 창작해온 여러 작품을 봐서도 알 수 있으시겠지만 여성을 인권적으로 평등 이상으로 우대해왔다고 스스로 생각해하기에 뭔가 모욕감 같은 피해의식이 작용을 했던것 같습니다 그렇지만 저의 지나친 표현이 수많은 분들을 불편하게 하였음을 인정하고 사죄 드립니다. 스스로 나이는 들었지만 어른이 되었다고 하기에는 내면의 성장이 많이 더딘것 같습니다 특히나 연예계에 종사하는 직업인으로 윤리의식이 부족했던 점 인정하고 스스로 반성하여 개선하도록 노력 하겠습니다 늘 부족한 저를 응원해주 시는 많은 분들께 심려를 끼쳐 드려 다시한번 사죄드리며 앞으로 더욱 높은 퀄리티의 음악으로 성실한 활동으로 인사드리겠습니다 감사합니다.

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Y_C_Lee1,841 pts Saturday, February 2, 2019 0
Saturday, February 2, 2019

Think before posting stuff nowadays. Anything deemed inappropriate will get picked on and magnified. Internet artillery then follows. Pew pew pew boom.



iBangChan-536 pts Saturday, February 2, 2019 1
Saturday, February 2, 2019

he sounds like an all around d*ck

i think he's been upheld higher than needed and now some netizens have put him in his place


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