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Posted by sixyearkpopfan Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Korean journalist who attended BLACKINK concert: No fan cheers during BLACKPINK concert...


Cr. Seoul News

A journalists wrote an article to express the feelings after attending BLACKPINK concert. The members performed well but the atmosphere was awkward and strange.

'I have been a journalists under TV/Kpop department for 5 months. I always need to follow the idols because this is my job. Therefore I have watched many concerts. Although I have a holiday, I need to use my spare time to watch different performances. After watching many concerts, I start comparing. Last week, I watched the first concert held by BLACKPINK.'

'During 10-11 November, BLACKPINK held the first ever concert at KSPO dome. Journalists were also allowed to attend on the first day. Before the show, it just liked other concerts held by other idols. It was full of people outside.'

'It started at 1810, the venue was almost full. The performances were two hours long and it was above my expactaions. BLACKPINK members were very hard-working. A live band made the performances even better.'

'During the concert, the VCRs of the members were played. However, there were just a few fans screaming for their favourite member. The applause during and after the performances were very formal. It just liked watching Open Concert instead of watching concerts held by idols.'

'BLACKPINK members were just like other idols who screamed BLINKs (their fandom name) during the whole concert. The members wanted to communicate with the fans. However, they did not consider one thing which was the audience did not even know what BLINKs actually were.'

'BLACKPINK held their first ever concert at KSPO dome. Kpop fans all knew that the dome is different other venues. A single concert could have 10k to 12k people. Therefore, this is considered as the having great fan base. This is the reason why the idols consider holding concerts at KSPO dome a dream. Seventeen, who held concerts at KSPO dome during 3-4 November said, "We can finally hold concerts at KSPO dome." BTOB, who held 3 concerts at August, also said," Performing at KSPO dome is a dream."'

'A group having basic fan base only is difficult to fill in the whole venue. IKON, who made the greatest hit of the year (LOVE SCENARIO), could not even fill in the whole venue in August. The difficulties for girl groups are even harder. Although FINKL, SES, SNSD, KARA, 2NE1 all held concerts at KSPO before. Only SES and SNSD can fill in the whole venue.'

'Thus, there were voices which worried about BLACKPINK holding concerts at KSPO dome. Fortunately, BLACKPINK concerts were different from others because they were sponsored by many companies. The companies gave out invitation tickets and invited many people to attend the concerts. In 2 days, the venue was full. There were also families bringing their children to watch the concert.'

'As this was a concert with many sponsorship, both the BLACKPINK members and the audience felt awkward. During the performances, members listed out all the sponsorship one by one. Jennie directly said," The biggest credit card company in Asia" It made the audience laughed so hard. Jisoo also said," After having this many sponsorship, there were enough people to watch our concert." She then continued," Isn't my hair shinning? Let's use xxx (Shampoo company name)"'

'During the concert, artists promoted the company because of the sponsorship. We could not say it had any problems. However, using this method to fill in all 20k seats or be the first 3rd generation girl group to hold a concert at KSPO dome. It is not suitable.'

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GoodMusic Tuesday, November 13, 2018 7
Tuesday, November 13, 2018

So all those people screaming and holding the BP lightsticks were just......cardboards?


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jhwn557 Tuesday, November 13, 2018 2
Tuesday, November 13, 2018

What would this person gain by lying...? It’s his observations, we weren’t there. What I can say is their fandom doesn’t seem as big and huge and united as YG tries to make it seem. Even if there are sponsorships, idols don’t outwardly express it. It must’ve been that awkward for a kpop girl group in their third year being awkward


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