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Posted by LeJulie AKP STAFF Thursday, October 11, 2018

Idols that Opened up about Mental Health

1. Park Kyung
During an interview with BBC Korea, Park Kyung addressed the difficulties and stress that comes with being a celebrity. He talked about how idols don't have many opportunities to express their emotions due to their company's rules. Park Kyung mentioned he never fully opened his heart to anyone because he doesn't want to be a burden to those he cares about.
2. Suga
One of the most talented and famed rappers, Suga revealed his battle with depression during a radio show in 2014. He talked about his struggle with his body image and being good enough to be an idol. In "Agust D" he addressed several mental health issues such as depression, OCD, and social anxiety. But ultimately Suga has been able to get professional help which is great for him.
3. Suzy
Korea's Sweetheart is no exception to mental health despite her beauty, fame, wealth, and love. On 'Healing Camp', Suzy shared how she felt heavy under everyone's expectations of her as a person. She felt like a child expected to make adult decisions and wasn't able to handle the contradicting expectations. She even told a story of how she would have casual conversations with her friends but suddenly just start crying due to the overload of stress.
4. IU
On an episode of 'Healing Camp', IU shared that she used to feel empty and anxious about her abilities as a singer. To fill that void, she used to eat until she vomited and suffered from bulimia for years before she was able to get help.
5. Nam Tae Hyun
Former WINNER member, Nam Tae Hyun is an incredible artist with great talent and skills. During a live broadcast with 'Casper Radio' on 'V Live', Nam Tae Hyun shared with a fan that he suffers from insomnia and bipolar disorder. He also shared that he has trouble managing his anger but has been receiving consultations and encouraged the fan that he hopes she can overcome her disorders too. Despite his own problems, he still remains kind and offers tender words to his fans.
6. Heechul
You would never think the happy, sarcastic and fun Heechul had his fair share of depression and pain. When his close friend Hankyung left Super Junior, Heechul spiraled into a depressive cycle, closing himself off from his friends for over 3 months. Thankfully he was able to find love and support from his members to move forward and heal from his pain.
7. G-Dragon
One of the most renowned artist, songwriter, composer, and producer, G-Dragon has it all: fame, fortune, and love worldwide. But that doesn't mean his life has always been easy. After his "Heartbreaker" plagiarism scandal, G-Dragon stated he felt like a criminal. During this time he shut out his friends and family, living in isolation and depression. He used his solo 'Kwon Ji Yong' to delve further in his identities being a celebrity and being himself along with the expectations and toll it takes on his mental health.
8. Jo Kwon
The happy diva himself despite his charm and humorous attitude is among many of idols that suffer from depression. Although he is an incredibly successful artist, he suffered from depression throughout his 8 years of training at JYP. Growing up, Jo Kwon faced a lot of financial difficulties making his dream to become a singer that much more important. But despite it all, he has pushed through and landed his family to a financially stable position.
9. Kai
During an interview with Dazed Korea, the interviewer stated to Kai that when looking at his face, he sees loneliness. Kai responded, "My personality tends to be bright, but I do think there is fundamentally a part of me that withdraws. I like being alone and I tend to cry a lot. I also don't have friends. Once in a while, I'll be depressed and downcast, but in those moments I'll just stay at home. I don't make an effort to ignore or try to escape these emotions. I look it (depression) straight in the eye, cry my troubles away, and shake it off because it's not something to be ashamed of (Translation: @choconini_)." Kai is not ashamed to talk about depression and he looks happier now than ever before.

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KoiSun Wednesday, October 24, 2018 0
Wednesday, October 24, 2018

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