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Posted by beansss AKP STAFF Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Happy Face Entertainment sues YG Entertainment for cancelling 'MIXNINE' winning team's debut

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Happy Face Entertainment has officially filed a lawsuit asking for 10,000,000 KRW (~$9,000) in damages from YG Entertainment,for the cancellation of 'MIXNINE's debut team.

Read Happy Face Entertainment's statement regarding their filed lawsuit, below:

"Hello. This is Happy Face Entertainment. We plan on delivering our official statement regarding news of the lawsuit we filed against YG Entertainment.

First, Happy Face Entertainment officially filed asking for compensation of damages back on June 18 against YG Entertainment. The amount we asked for as compensation of damages was 10,000,000 KRW (~ $9,000), and rather than filing the lawsuit solely in order to receive our compensation, we notify that we asked for such an amount in the hopes that the popular culture of South Korea, the birthplace of Hallyu, will be able to break free from large companies' 'Gapjil' (In English: unjustifiable actions of the privileged class against the lower class); and prosper in a healthy environment.

As many of you know, Happy Face Entertainment trainee Woo Jin Young appeared on JTBC's 'MIXNINE' and was fortunate enough to receive so much love from the judges and the fans that he was able to remain #1 until the end. According to such results, we as well as 'MIXNINE' viewers and Woo Jin Young fans expected the winning top 9 to debut soon and promote for a duration of 4 months.

However, YG Entertainment never mentioned any details regarding plans for the top 9 to make their debut, even back in March which was approximately 2 months after the end of 'MIXNINE'. Despite knowing full well the contestants' desperation toward debut, YGE continued to neglect the group.
YG Entertainment failed to contact the labels of the top 9 winners until fans and media outlets began to reproach YGE for neglecting the 'MIXNINE' team. And even then, rather than discussing debut plans as written in the original contract, YG suggested changes to the contract's terms without any consultation from the other labels. This change asked for YGE's control over 'MIXNINE's winning team from the original contract period of 4 months to an extended 3 years.

Due to this type of one-sided communication, the other labels began to have differing opinions, and in the end YGE used the explanation that the other labels refused to accept YG's new terms as the reason for the 'MIXNINE' team's debut cancellation. Despite the fact that YG still held a responsibility to carry out the actions written in the former contract in the case that the other labels disagreed with the changed terms, the entire ordeal all the way up to the team's debut cancellation was a result of YGE's continued selfish behavior.
As reported, YG Entertainment coined the reason for the debut team's cancellation as, 'It is an impossible thing to fulfill new song preparations, MV filming, choreography practice, solo concerts, and more within a period of 4 months'; however, the preparation period mentioned above remained separate from the winning team's main promoting period in the original contract.

In other words, to violate the original contract and to determine conceited contract change suggestions is a clear act of 'Gapjil' (In English: unjustifiable actions of the privileged class against the lower class). They attempted to simpify the debut cancellation as simply a matter of the contestants' labels not coming to agreements; but ultimately, the fault lies within YGE for failure to communicate with the winners' labels and declaring changes to the original contract without any prior consultation.

Thus, Happy Face Entertainment believes this lawsuit speaks up on behalf of not only all the contestants from 'MIXNINE' who worked hard with debut in mind, but also to protect the contestant's desperate dreams being crushed, and even to speak up for those who paid to submit votes for the show.
From the beginning stages of 'MIXNINE' up until the debuting team's cancellation, YGE subjected various companies to 'Gapjil' by misusing its power in the industry. Then, by cancelling the debut of the winning team, the label went on to betray the viewers who cherished the survival program with its continuous, irresponsible attitude.

Happy Face Entertainment direly hopes that no more individuals will be hurt in the music industry due to such 'Gapjil'. Happy Face Entertainment and all of its employees will continue to put in efforts so that we can create a healthy, prosperous, competitive, and caring entertainment culture.Thank you."

Do you think YG Entertainment was demonstrating 'Gapjil' and misusing its power within the entertainment industry during the 'MIXNINE' controversy?
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