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Posted by LorraineYe AKP STAFF Monday, February 5, 2018

7 Signs You Might Be Too Into K-Pop

1. Knowing Where Idols Are and What They're Doing
Friend: Did you hear about the new Big Bang MV?
K-Pop Fan: They're probably filming the MV or something this week since I saw an update with a photo of G-Dragon leaving a restaurant with different hair.

A major sign you're in too deep is when you can respond to the simplest of questions with insurmountable detail and knowledge. Fans who experience this can tell what the idol was doing, why they were at the location of the photo, and more just by looking at a photograph of an idol!
2. Confusing Acronyms and Group Names
Friend: Did you see the BTS video for Game of Thrones?
K-Pop Fan: BTS was on Game of Thrones and I didn't know?

This has happened all too often, whether it's confusing BTS (Beyond The Scene) with BTS (Behind-The-Scenes) or confusing Big Bang with Big Bang Theory, there seems to always be that spark inside a K-Pop fan's brain that's screaming: "K-POP!!!"
3. No More Phone Space
Being a K-Pop fan means that you will, without a doubt, save every picture of your bias into your phone. You better choose the best photos, because those megabytes are going to get used up fast! K-Pop fans beware! Always double-check when you're sending your bias's shirtless photographs to your friends, that you are indeed, texting your friends.
4. Comeback Dates = How To Keep Track of the Days
Don't have a personal planner? Well, being the ultimate K-Pop fan means that every group's comeback will come with a timeline including important days that they'll be promoting or dropping new content! Take, for example, gugudan's upcoming comeback- it's the only reason we know what day it is! Not only that, but K-Pop fans come equipped with time change calculation skills to watch their favorite groups perform!
5. F5 F5 F5 Refresh Social Media
There are some that say the most religious experience related to being a K-Pop fan is constantly refreshing the social media profile of their favorite idol. It might be an unhealthy obsession if you are not able to function or do your regular activities, constantly checking on idols activities instead of worrying about some of your own.
6. CDs and CDs and CDs and CDs
Is there even a point to owning this many copies of tangible albums in this day-and-age? K-Pop fans absolutely think so! Buying albums is a way to appreciate the effort and artistry put into creating photo booklets, music, and notes to the fans. The most passionate of fans can own 200 copies of the same album without even batting an eyelash!
7. Cry Into Your Significant Other's Arms... Over Your Bias
A number of K-Pop super fans actually boast pretty healthy and steady relationships! In fact, these fans often turn to their significant others when the feels get to be a little bit too much to handle. One netizen said that she cried into her boyfriend's arms about her bias and he consoled her by telling her that they can go to Korea to see the group perform live one day. If only our boos were as understanding as her boyfriend!

Share a story with the AKP community in the comments below about a time you were just too K-Pop to handle.

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