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Black Pink talk about giving off a 2NE1 vibe

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In a recent interview, Black Pink talked about giving off a similar vibe as their YG predecessor, 2NE1.

Jennie said about the comparison to 2NE1, "The images we've been showing up to this point are the ones we have consistently prepared for since we were trainees.  We don't want to cast them aside. However, in order to lose [the vibe that we're like 2NE1], our priority is to quickly show a color that is unique to Black Pink."

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When asked what is the vibe of Black pink, Jennie replied, "I don't think it's something we could explain.  I think it's right for us to accept whatever vibe the public gets from looking at Black Pink."

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1llionaire Thursday, December 15, 2016

i think it's obvious that bp finally got to debut after years of delay because 2ne1 was on its deathbed.

JeffBenson Thursday, December 15, 2016

Some of those MVs from SISTAR and 2ne1 were more dramas than just a MV they were amazing.

renegade002 Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Actually, it's a great honor to be compared to their great Sunbaes and BLACKPINK knows it very well. Comparison between the 2 very very talented groups under the same label and company is inevitable. 2ne1 had their glorious days but I will give BLACKPINK a chance to take what their sunbaes left and make a great and long lasting music and to shine their own unique colors and charm. I'm waiting for their SQUARE 3 and SQUARE 4 And a physical debut album. YG don't disappoint us this time.

BlackjackOneLove Wednesday, December 14, 2016

They don't give off a 2NE1 vibe at all. 2NE1 can't be repeated. Love them, tho.

ThatPineapple Wednesday, December 14, 2016

I feel like BP are closer only by the age group and they are also being promoted better rn and when they debuted.

kimmiefonze Wednesday, December 14, 2016

BlackPink's image is somewhere between SNSD and 2ne1.

colorfuloddity88 Wednesday, December 14, 2016

if I try to explain it myself using Black Pink, I think 2NE1 is more 'black' and BP is more 'pink'. There's no denying that BP incorporates more girlish vibe in their music, choreography, and the members' image themselves. 2NE1 gives a stronger themes that only them can portray. BP will be able to prove themselves different in the course of time.

hinatasara Wednesday, December 14, 2016

I like both groups. they have their own charms. and for black pink i think i love their fierce-charismatic aura on stage but cute-charming off stage.

toBASHthebashers Wednesday, December 14, 2016

It's fine if they're being compared for now, because it means people are taking notice of them. They're just starting so of course people's basis of the type of group they are will be the groups who are already established. They shouldn't be in a hurry to separate themselves from being associated with a senior group, especially with a popular and respected group like 2NE1. They might just take a different route just to avoid being compared. That will just make them flop.What matters most now that they're just starting is to garner people's interest and attention and carefully find their unique charm and a color that is just theirs. Only in that way will they gain long-lasting fans and admirers..

Squattingpanda Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Honestly i don't think they're that similar to 2ne1? i mean kinda, but in that case they're also quite similar to big bang. its more like they're a normal yg artist that gives of a yg vibe because they were yg. like big bang. and 2ne1. and have the same producer. like can ppl pls understand this??? they're not trying to replace them or be carbon copies, it just happened that they debuted around the same time as...things happened with 2ne1. and tbh, everyone has different personalities. no two people are alike. so if you have another group they will have their individual colors and unique qualities. anyway, i stan blackpink, big bang, 2ne1, etc. i love a lot of yg artists and think its awesome how they all have this yg feel to them. i'll be supporting Blackpink, theyre the cutest girls and super talented. can't wait for the next comeback <3

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