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[Drama Review] 'Entourage' - Episode 7

By beansss   Monday, November 28, 2016   14,566   1,181   7



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'Entourage' episode 7 is full of that sweet and sugary romance, for those of you who've been waiting for it! You definitely can't argue with the fast pace of this drama; it was just a one-way crush for the last 5 and a half episodes, and then BAM! They're dating now! 

Lee Ho Jin: professional cock-blocker

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But like I claimed in the last review, the romance between Cha Young Bin (Seo Kang Jun) and Ahn So Hee (Sohee) in this drama is NOT the focus of this plot. It drives several factors in the plot, but what's more important isn't the romance itself so much as the consequences their relationship have on the people around them and themselves! One question we still need clarification on is whether or not Young Bin and So Hee's romance is real. No doubt, Young Bin likes So Hee. His friends have made that clear enough throughout the drama, and finally dating So Hee has him practically blind this episode - he doesn't care about any of his schedules, he's even putting his friends on the back shelf behind So Hee, and he's talking nonsense about giving up his career to marry her... 

Young Bin has obviously gone wacko from finally-together-with-his-first-love side effects, but what about So Hee? CEO Kim Eun Gap (Jo Jin Woong) keeps mentioning So Hee's recent scandal with Kang Ha Neul, and pretty much anything Eun Gap says, you can't take lightly. According to him, she's looking for someone to rely on during a period of stress, so could she really be using Young Bin to relieve some of the hardships she's facing with the scandal? You know how it is on female celebrities when scandals or dating news break out; netizens somehow only feel necessary to hate on the female while the male in question gets more popular for no good reason. But man, if So Hee is doing that to her long-time childhood friend, then she's got some issues. 

Paparazzi... you can run from them but you can't hide...

Another major breakthrough in the plot this episode? Eun Gap is in trouble! It's starting to look like CEO Kang Ok Ja is proving to be an antagonistic character in this story after all, aiming to brutally cut ties with the dongsaeng she built her company up with, despite all of their rough times together! At least though, she's still more human than other antagonists in dramas who have no heart and soul. I may be jumping to conclusions here, but it seemed like she was taking Eun Gap out for one last meal, drinks, and karaoke together, even shedding tears as she reminisces over their days as a team. She was pretty scary at the end of it though, when she walked away from him and got a call from an investor about their lawsuit against Eun Gap.

A few other points that caught my attention this episode: Turtle (finally) getting some wake-up calls about his current, job-less situation; and Ho Jin (finally) being a man! Don't get me wrong, the use of these "finallys" in parenthesis in no way suggests that the plot was dragging things out up until this point. It's more like, the story was told well so that when these two characters finally go through something different for a change, it has that much more of an effect on me as a viewer! Thanks to some generous cameos in this episode, poor Turtle (Lee Dong Hwi) has really opened his eyes to how in society's perspective, his position as a jobless and lazy slob is pretty lame. Of course, Cha Jun (Lee Kwang Soo) tells him so all the time, but it's not exactly a painful jab when it comes from Cha Jun. Rather than worrying about Turtle's future path at this point, though, I feel like it's okay to just sit back and look forward to what kind of antics he and Cha Jun will face on the journey to finding that path, no? 

Underwear, be freeeeed from the confines of uncomfortable, tight clothing!!!!

Annnnnd last but not least, we saw Lee Ho Jin (Park Jung Min) being a man on not just one but two occasions this episode! /insert knowing sigh of disappointment/ So near the end of the episode, we saw Ho Jin and Ji Ahn confirm their feelings for each other, which may indicate that they'll start dating in the upcoming episode. However, let's not forget here that Ji Ahn is CEO Kang's daughter, and pretty soon, CEO Kang is going to kick Eun Gap out of their company... and Eun Gap is Ho Jin's mentor/boss... so this Ho Jin-Ji Ahn relationship really isn't land safe any time soon, unfortunately. Let's see how bad things actually get in the next episode! Until next time!

Dispatch = A Celebrity's worst nightmare





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Jolisa134 Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Liking this drama so far

smart_mars Monday, November 28, 2016

Wow I like Kang Jun kiss scenes.

hongjawonny Monday, November 28, 2016

I like this drama.

Loom_melon Monday, November 28, 2016

In my view..This is such a great drama even though it is not rated higher. It is really funny,the 5 main actors are so great,they even made me laugh so hard.I like chemistry between Cha Yong Bin and Ahn So hee.I like kiss scenes...haha.

shyloone Monday, November 28, 2016

Thats what you call a real Kiss, even used the tongue lol, I wish i was the one on the recieving end of that kiss from Kang Jun haha

Canuckkpop Monday, November 28, 2016

where can I watch it with english subtitles?

karebearsays Canuckkpop Monday, November 28, 2016


The End



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