YG responds to rumors of Psy being involved in Korean president scandal

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Singer Psy is being accused of being involved in perhaps the worst political scandal in South Korean history, the Choi Soon Sil scandal that exposed the Korean president and her ties to a shaman-fortuneteller. 

Psy's name has been ranking #1 in major search engines in Korea since the early hours of November 3 because of a disturbing accusation by Congressman Ahn Min Suk who alleged that Choi Soon Sil and Jang Shi Ho -- Choi's niece -- used a private celebrity organization in order to have influence in the entertainment business, and that a particular celebrity reaped unfair benefits and profits in the process. 

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Congressman Ahn stated, "A singer -- who is very famous  -- keeps being invited to international events out of nowhere to represent Korea. There are many singers who could qualify, but this one singer hoards all the events for the last couple of years."

The private celebrity organization being accused is allegedly, a soccer club called, 'Twister Soccer Club.' Although the congressman did not mention its name directly, many netizens are speculating that the soccer club is the one the congressman is talking about. 

Netizens have their reasons to suspect 'Twister Soccer Club.' Firstly, netizens state that Psy seems to have a close friendship with Jang Shi Ho and Cha Eun Tak (another person who allegedly works for Choi Soon Shil), and second because Psy has been performing as the star at many government sponsored events, including President Park's inauguration back in 2013. 

YG Entertainment itself is also in the midst of many accusations. Starting with Cha Eun Tak working as a director for many of the YG's music videos, and also the fact that Yang Hyun Suk's younger brother, Yang Min Suk -- the new CEO of YG Entertainment -- seems to have close ties with the Korean president.

Netizens also scrutinized Big Bang because the group was appointed as the honorary ambassador for 'Creative Korea' -- a brand meant to promote Korea -- because Choi Soon Sil is being accused of establishing 'Creative Korea' by using illegal means and suspicious funds. 

YG Entertainment responded to these series of allegations by quickly releasing an official statement that said, "Jang Shi Ho was never a part of our company, and Psy and Jang Shi Ho have never even met. Also, Psy was never a part of 'Twister Soccer Club.' We will take legal action against baseless rumors." 




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atlkpopfan Friday, November 4, 2016

I think it's just easy to bring up YG because of their image.  In terms of connections with the president, isn't SM the one who has close ties with the government? I mean I see them at the functions all the time.  That being said, it doesn't mean they are guilty of anything.  The president has come into contact with a lot of people.  It doesn't make them all guilty by association.

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youcangoeatshit Friday, November 4, 2016

K-netz always the most intelligent beings and thinking through carefully before making statements. Such role models.

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kpoplolita Thursday, November 3, 2016

Thank u yg for speaking up for ur artists where necessary and addressing RELEVANT and impt matters like this instead of 'which ygartist is dating' (like really its none of ur business as ling as its consensual and legal)

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