Brown Eyed Girls celebrate their 6th anniversary

March 1, 2012 @ 6:21 pm
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It has been six long years since the beautiful ladies of Brown Eyed Girls made their debut!

Although their first two albums were considered to be disappointments, the group made a drastic image transformation through their 2008 hit single "L.O.V.E". As if that wasn't enough, the girls reached even further heights with "Abracadabra" in 2009 and "Sixth Sense" in 2011.

To celebrate the occasion, member Jea wrote on her Twitter, "BEG's 6th anniversary!!! Clap clap clap!! I think I'm going to tear up tonight. Although we had some hardships since the release of our first album, I feel that we held on and endured it well.  Thanks to you guys, we were able to continue to enjoy and produce great music. I love you!"

Fans congratuled the girls saying, "It's already the 6th year?! It seems like the 5th year was just yesterday", "Adult-dols, congratulations!", and "You guys are 6 year old elementary students now! Congratulations."

In addition, one particular fan congratulated the lovely ladies in a unique but comical way through a video featuring Barack Obama.

Check out the hilarious fanmade video below!

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