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UEE's solo debut track 'Sok Sok Sok' revealed

June 20, 2011 @ 3:32 pm
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Last week we reported that After School's UEE would make a solo debut and now her solo debut track, 'Sok Sok Sok' has been released! After wrapping up promotions for "Shampoo", UEE went straight into preparations for this solo release. Representatives of Pledis Entertainment revealed, "Instead of the powerful image she's always been known for, she shows a sweeter, lovelier side to herself. The song is cute and matches UEE to a T." "Sok Sok Sok" was composed and written by Shim Hyun Bo as an attempt to break away from the stereotype that love songs are always sweet. The track features an upbeat melody with detailed lyrics that make for a 'summer ballad' that only UEE's unique color can pull off. Upcoming debutant Pledis Boys' Jonghyun also made a rap featuring to upgrade the song into something cuter. "Sok Sok Sok" will also be used as the logo song for the brand she models for, "Le Coq Sportif." Pledis said, "UEE's cute and healthy image combined with the brand's luxurious and sporty image will create a synergy effect for 'Sok Sok Sok.'" Check out the track below and remember to show your support by purchasing the music. Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

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