'After School Club' announces its new MC!

If you've been terribly missing Eric Nam's vacancy on Arirang TV's 'After School Club', we've some good news for you! The show has officially an…

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Nam Tae Hyun talks about 'Actor School'

WINNER's Nam Tae Hyun talked about the current program he's in called 'Actor School' during the group's guest appearance on 'Cultwo Show.'"'Actor Scho…

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Album Reviews

[Album Review] After School 'First Love'

After School has gotten away with murder—and by murder, I mean high levels of sexuality—in their choreography before, so I'm anticipating the results …

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UEE's ideal type is now Kim Hyun Joong?

UEE joked that her ideal type changed after 'Barefoot Friends'! On the 12th's episode, the cast of the variety show went over to Indonesia, and…

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Social Media

Kahi starts up a blog!

Former After School leader Kahi has opened up a blog to stay in touch with her fans. Kahi posted, "I started a blog," to her Facebook account e…

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