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NS Yoon-G reveals reasons behind her 6-year hiatus


NS Yoon-G revealed the reasons behind her 6-year hiatus.

The singer was featured in the May 20th episode of the YouTube series 'Status Olympics', and she opened up headlines about her alleged retirement from music back in 2015. NS Yoon-G expressed, "I was always in the middle. After a few years in a very ambiguous position, I felt buried in my own worries. I thought to myself: 'Is this my path,' 'I'm still recognized though,' and 'I don't have any hit songs.' That's why I really needed a break for my health."

She continued, "I was very active, but you need to get as much as you invest back. That's how you get the next album. To the public eye, it seemed like NS Yoon-G was continually active, but it wasn't like that from my point of view. I worried about what I could do to release one more album."

NS Yoon-G also talked about hearing rumors she was only active as a singer as a hobby, saying, "I arranged my life in America, dropped out of college there, and lived apart from my family to be a singer. Would you say someone like that was doing it as a hobby?"

In other news, NS Yoon-G is starring as Jasmine in the tvN drama 'Mine'. She's also due to drop a remake of "If You Love Me" featuring MONSTA XJooheon on May 22 KST.  

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29 days ago

Very true, she was always in the middle.. famous but not really because she never had a big hit with her song. Although we all know that she's criminally underrated.

ive never known that she struggles with her fund for a comeback, her last two album was good but nothing extraordinary but for someone on her position, it mustve hit her hard financially, so i guess it that's why its hard for her to get her fund for another album.

did anyone know that she was the first idol to ever have a viral fancam tho? even before hani.



seafiant2,192 pts 29 days ago 3
29 days ago

Her interviews always seem well intended but leave with terrible quotes. Before it was "I don't get why I'm not big in Korea" which is her most famous quote, now it's "I was very active, but you need to get as much as you invest back" which her fans would hate to hear.

A queen of fancams though and her albums are awesome.

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