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TREASURE's Hyunsuk explains why Doyoung is his favorite(?) member, other members teasingly share witness accounts of 'favoritism'


On September 30, YG Entertainment's rookie boy group TREASURE officially made their TV variety program debut through MBC every1's 'Weekly Idol'!

On this episode, TREASURE impressed viewers with their powerful comeback title track "I Love You" and also unveiled a never-before-seen cover performance of BLACKPINK's "How You Like That". In addition, the members played various games and took on special missions to enhance their individual charms. 

For one segment, member Doyoung was given the mission of gifting a heart to "The member who was the biggest source of strength during my trainee days." After some debate, Doyoung delivered the heart to leader Hyunsuk!

Although originally, Doyoung was supposed to keep the reason why he gave his heart to Hyunsuk a secret, he ended up giving away a key hint. Jaehyuk, who picked up on the hint, guessed, "The member whom I rely on like a parental figure." Jaehyuk then began ousting(?) the two members by revealing, "Hyunsuk-hyung is mom to everyone, but he's especially more Doyoung's mom. They just have that kind of vibe. Hyunsuk-hyung is everyone's hyung so we all want a piece of him, but there are times when he just takes special care of Doyoung." 

Leader Hyunsuk tried to refute this claim with, "To me, there's no such thing as rankings among the TREASURE members." But many of the other members including Jihoon, Yoshi, and Jungwoo also had something to say. 

Jihoon added on, "Hyunsuk-hyung claims that he doesn't have favorites, but to me and the hyung-line members like Junkyu and Yoshi, we feel that he only pays attention to the younger ones. I'm his dongsaeng too, but he's too busy taking care of the young young ones so I'm always the last place." 

Finally, Japanese member Yoshi also shared a witness(?) account of times when Hyunsuk showed "favoritism" toward Doyoung. Yoshi said, "When we are taking pictures, he tends to go, 'Doyoung, come beside me!'." To this, all of the TREASURE members showed strong agreement!

In the end, Hyunsuk had no choice but to explain(?) himself to viewers, reasoning that he and Doyoung grew up in the same neighborhood and went to the same school even before they became trainees, and so they grew close even after joining the company together. Check out the clip from this week's 'Weekly Idol', above!

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every Treasure Maker knows Hyunsuk has a soft spot for Doyoung :)


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