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Seungri & Yoo In Suk's arrest warrant requests dismissed by court


Seungri and Yoo In Suk's arrest warrant requests have been dismissed by the Seoul Central District Court.

Police requested arrest warrants that would allow for a 48-hour hold against controversial chatroom members Seungri and former Yuri Holdings CEO Yoo In Suk on the suspicions of procuring prostitution, embezzlement, and more. On May 14, they underwent their arrest warrant evaluations, and Judge Shin Jong Yeol of the Seoul Central District Court has now dismissed the arrest warrants.

The Judge stated in Seungri's case, "There's room to dispute the main suspicion of embezzlement. It's also difficult to acknowledge a reason for detention, such as potential destruction of evidence, for the other suspicions."

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Procrastinating2,001 pts Tuesday, May 14, 2019 32
Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Just to clarify: They were not declared innocent or anything like that! The investigation is still ongoing, and as we all know at this point it is still "innocent until proven guilty". For that reason the police can't just lock up anyone they want to (for longer than 48 hours), they need a judges permission. I gather judges will agree if the evidence of serious crimes is overwhelming (ie obviously guilty), if there is strong likelyhood of them running away, destroying evidence or committing more crimes. The judge just said he doesn't think it is necessary to lock them up while the police continues to investigate. Honestly I see his point: They've been free to destroy any evidence they could up till now, so what difference does it make?


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GramStan1,856 pts Tuesday, May 14, 2019 10
Tuesday, May 14, 2019

I'm not sure some people here actually understand what the police have been trying to arrest Seungri for. The warrant doesn't include rape and illegal filming allegations like JJY and some of the others are facing. Most of the charges aren't that serious (violation of the Food Sanitation Act?) and it was always a strong possibility that the warrant would be rejected. Seungri has shown no sign of being a flight risk and let's face it, if he was going to destroy evidence, why would he wait for all this time before doing it?


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