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Police take action to secure the location of a fashion brand executive who is also allegedly involved in Yoo Ah In's drug case


Law enforcement authorities have swung into action, taking steps to secure the location of a fashion brand executive, Mr. Park, who is under suspicion of drug-related charges in association with popular actor Yoo Ah In. Mr. Park, aged in his 40s, is reportedly an acquaintance of Yoo Ah In.

According to a statement issued by the police on September 18, the narcotics crime investigation unit of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency had taken the step of applying for a pre-trial detention warrant for Mr. Park. He is accused of involvement in Yoo Ah In's illegal drug dealings, with charges including fleeing the crime scene, tampering with evidence, and violating drug control laws.

It is alleged that Mr. Park transferred a sum of 13 million KRW (~9,830 USD) on three separate occasions to YouTuber Yang, a known associate of Yoo Ah In, who absconded overseas in April. According to law enforcement, this money is assumed to have been employed to purchase Yang's international flight tickets and other expenses incurred during his stay abroad.

Furthermore, Mr. Park is accused of erasing stored text messages from his mobile phone that had been exchanged with individuals under the current investigation and illegal procurement of the drug zolpidem under an alias.

A senior police spokesperson addressed the matter by stating, "In the future, we will continue to intensively probe illegal activities that impede the lawful execution of the state's investigative and judiciary powers. This includes tampering with evidence, fleeing from the scene, and the misuse of narcotics."

In related news, it was disclosed by the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office's Violent Crimes Investigation Unit, headed by Chief Prosecutor Shin Jun Ho, that formal requests for detention warrants have been submitted for Yoo Ah In and another acquaintance, Mr. Choi. They are being charged with violations of drug control laws, tampering with evidence, and evading the crime scene.

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16 days ago

Is it only me or did people who commit SA crimes get dragged far less than this guy? And police were way less invested too. I'm kinda flabbergasted that ppl who actually inflict damage upon others get much more leniency than ppl who, at the end of the day, cause harm only to themselves. I mean, I get all the jazz about his actions being unlawful, but they aren't by any means any more unlawful than SA, but for some reason, this guy is being dragged by police and the media as if he had killed someone. Smells more like a scapegoat cover-up for other far more important issues

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16 days ago

ok, on this very website just short months ago we have read numerous articles how police accused YAI of exactly the same activities related to Yang youtuber (whoever he is), and here it is now Mr, Park (whoever he is) stepping into the picture. I seriously hate how this case has been handled, how assumptions in investigations are treated as facts, and how tabloids are feasting on police carefully leaked info and than distorting them indefinitely. Again disclaimer, I do not have access to relevant data to claim if YAI is guilty or not, I am bugged purely by the way how this case is handled.

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