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Another former staff member, 'D', comes forward and accuses 1st generation idol 'A' of hitting her


Soon after the initial accuser, 'B', revealed that they had received an apology from the former 1st generation idol/current entertainment agency CEO 'A', another anonymous online community user has come forward with her claims. 

On the morning of June 10, one anonymous netizen wrote on an online community, "I am another former staff member of the agency run by a top 1st generation idol."

The anonymous netizen, henceforth referred to as 'D', stated, "I worked as an employee at the agency run by the 1st generation idol, the person who is currently stirring controversy for assaulting trainees, for a long time. In fact, I am aware of the incident which took place in February of 2016, the incident first mentioned by accuser 'A', a former trainee. At the time, even though I was aware of the violence, I was not able to offer the trainee any form of help or comfort, and I feel extremely guilty about that still. Through this post, I hope to relay to that trainee, 'I'm sorry, and I hope you will forgive me'."

'D' then continued, "I have also been hit by this CEO ('A') before. The first time was during an overseas trip to China in 2014. After completing a schedule, we took a taxi to a restaurant. But while sitting in the taxi, ['A'] suddenly hit me in the head with his gloved hand, not playfully, but with significant force. I was so shocked, that I cannot remember what even went on before the incident... Afterward, I went back to my hotel room and cried, but 'A' pretended like nothing happened and sent me a photo of the food we ate at the restaurant." 

Furthermore, 'D' claimed, "The second time was at the KBS building in 2019. At the time, I was securing 'A's earpiece and microphone right before the stage, but he suddenly cursed and hit my hand."

Finally, 'D' shared, "During my time working at the company, I also heard countless curses and insults about my character, but it was nevertheless my decision to continue working there. One person even told me, 'He is hitting you less often because you're a woman'. When I finally left the company, I confronted 'A' about his past actions, but he accused me of lying. I still remember how he would insult me in front of others casually, saying, 'Stop acting like you're a nice person'. When I think of those memories, my hands shake and my heart hurts." 

Earlier, the former 1st generation idol/current entertainment agency CEO 'A' faced accusations of poor treatment from another former staff member, 'C'

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Won't be long now before we get a name. Hope he saved his coin, storms coming.

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23 days ago

Jang Woo Hyuk.
People uploading the training room photos just gives it away.
Starts at 2:06. Same door, walls, mirrors.

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