Posted by Sophie-Ha Thursday, June 9, 2022

After idol trainee accusations, a former staff member steps up to expose entertainment company CEO 'A'


Three days ago, there was an alleged former idol trainee who claimed that their CEO assaulted them.

This claim quickly spread across the web because the CEO who allegedly assaulted the trainees was a first-generation idol. In just a day after the initial claims were made, more former idol trainees stepped up to also accuse the CEO of assault and verbal abuse.

Then on June 9, a person claiming to be a former staff member of the entertainment company in question wrote a lengthy post describing, in detail, the poor behavior of the CEO, who used to be a first-generation idol. The staff member explained that after experiencing what occurred at the company, she had decided to leave the entertainment industry altogether, being disappointed in the CEO.

She explained she used to be a fan of the first-generation idol group that the CEO was part of and decided to work for his company despite the rumors and high employee turnover rate at the company. The alleged former staff member explained, "After I decided to work for this company, my acquaintances told me that there are many managers who quit because of the CEO's poor behavior. But I just thought they were rumors and brushed it off. However, that was the worst regret of my life."

She then went on to write further about the struggles and shame she had to face while working at the agency for only three months. She explained there were no managers at the agency, which she found strange, but thought that this was because they were hiring new managers at the time. However, the CEO did not hire any manager but demanded that the staff member get a management license. After getting a license, she claimed she had to work as the CEO's road manager on top of her original duties.

The poster explained, "I had to follow the CEO for his schedules. Usually, a manager and a stylist should be traveling with him, but he only brought me and another staff member who was in charge of promotions in China. I found out this was to cut costs and save money."

She further explained that she had to work all day outdoors on the hottest day of summer, but the CEO did not provide any meals, let alone even water, for the two staff members who followed him around for his schedule. She explained, "There was outdoor filming and I had to pick him up at his house at 4 -5 AM. On the first day of filming, we started from early morning until late at night. We didn't even get food or water because of the circumstances. The sun was so hot and this was the first day so we weren't prepared for the weather. So I told the CEO that we need to buy food and water for the next day because there were no supermarkets or even restaurants near the film location. But the CEO told me not to buy water but to ask around for water."


She continued saying, "The next day, the production team was following the CEO around to film him from morning to night. So, the CEO went with the production team, and we went to the film location separately. We waited for the production team and we couldn't even eat anything until the filming was done. I found out that the CEO had eaten lunch with the production team. The weather was hot again and we had to ask the manager of another celebrity for water. Even though we were suffering and couldn't even eat anything, the CEO didn't say 'sorry' or 'you're working hard.' Instead, he would tell us to get him the snacks we bought the other day."

The poster explained that the CEO would often speak rudely and would even throw his socks at her after taking them off. She explained that the CEO did not care for the trainees and only cared about himself.

The staff member who wrote the post explained that in another instance, the CEO would blame the staff members for his mistakes and would make the staff member beg for forgiveness in front of other clients. She explained that he would verbally abuse her, insulting her parents, saying, "Your parents didn't teach you properly," and calling her stupid.

She also explained that this CEO has a clean image on television. He has an image of an upright young man who worked hard to save money. However, she explained that the reason this CEO was able to save up so much money was that he would often take the music from rookie songwriters and producers without paying them and would say to them, "You should be honored to work with me."

The alleged former staff member wrote, "I mustered up the courage because I saw the post of the former trainee who initiated this. I am writing this so that there is no one else who will fall victim to him." She explained that she included photos to prove that she had worked with the CEO.

The photo she included was the photo of herself when she was employed at his company back in 2014 and the plane ticket for when he made her pick him up from the Incheon airport on her day off.

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Pisces9710,356 pts Thursday, June 9, 2022 7
Thursday, June 9, 2022

I wonder why they don't just name him, are they afraid because he's relatively famous? Either way the CEO seems like an ass.

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2techs85 pts Thursday, June 9, 2022 5
Thursday, June 9, 2022

The lady said she was a fan of the group. That's a dead giveaway it's H.O.T, who claimed to have 80% of fangirls in Korea back then.

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