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[Concert Review] GHOST9 kicks off their first-ever U.S. tour and takes LA by storm


GHOST9 has taken LA by storm.

Since their debut in 2020, this Maroo Entertainment boy group has impressed fans worldwide with their powerful concepts and addicting melodies. For instance, it only takes one listen of their latest title track “Control” to memorize the chorus. By the time GHOST9 gave their live performances in LA, the audience was endlessly humming the words “Your conducting maestro.”

LA was indeed the first stop of their first-ever U.S. tour, 2022 GHOST9 ‘INTO THE NOW.’ On January 15, the members took over the stage at the historical El Rey Theatre on an unexpectedly drizzling day. Fans crowded the venue with vaccine cards, light sticks, and albums at hand. The audience was more than ready to get pumped up way before the show.

The concert began with their opening performances of “Vision” and “Think of Dawn” from their debut mini-album, ‘PRE EPISODE 1: DOOR.’ Their sharp choreography and sweet smiles had fans screaming and jamming along, blinded by the stage lights as well as by the boys’ sparkling military outfits and visuals.

Next up was “Reborn,” another track from their debut album, which flaunted a chorus with a catchy repetition of its title. The layered dubstep and dance beats echoed across the theatre, and the members continued their string of performances with “Trigger,” the first track from their beloved 3rd mini-album, ‘NOW: Where We Are, Here.'

After the first round of performances, GHOST9 introduced themselves as a group and as individual members. Leader Junhyung and Prince mainly steered the band with English interactions back and forth with the audience, and each member confidently gave their names and positions. When it was Junhyung and Woojin’s turn, the other members highlighted their “physicals” and “visuals,” which they were also respectively in charge of! At this moment, Junhyung showcased a mini-runway, and Woojin displayed a charismatic look at the count of three.

The concert continued with more of GHOST9’s title and B-side tracks adored by fans, including “Flying at Night,” a heartfelt performance with the members flying real paper airplanes aimed at the crowd (which also had fans flying left and right), and “Up All Night,” another fresh, charming, and adorable track that spoke to their innocence.

The next stage was “Monday to Sunday,” one of my personal favorites from the show. The song itself is laid back and melodic, which appealed to the group's sexy side through a slick performance. Following a performance of their ballad song “Antenna,” the members gathered together once again to interact with the fans.

As the group expressed how excited they were about this in-person concert, the LA crowd couldn’t feel more energized. Continuing with this atmosphere, the boys helped the audience learn the main dance from “Control,” and one mention of “Your controlling conductor” by the leader had fans standing next to me scream louder than ever. When the crowd turned bashful, the members encouraged them by saying, “Don’t be shy!” and commented that their fans were much more in synch than the members themselves!

The dramatic piano melody and the choreography for "Control" captured the audience’s attention for the next few minutes. The group also performed more of their B-side and title tracks released throughout their career, including “TRIANGLE,” which was another one of my favorites. After this mysterious track, the group had one last talk session with the crowd, and the show quickly moved toward the ending. For their last few stages, GHOST9 performed the incredibly hybrid and experimental track “Seoul” and the popping house genre track “Way to You.”

From "the city of Seoul" to “the city of LA,” as the boys would say it, the group carried their good energy all throughout the show. Each member thanked the fans for coming out and shared their thoughts on the experience. One member, Kangseong, asked Prince how to say a certain word in English and soon shared that he was very “impressed” and touched by the fans. Hearts flew everywhere between the members and the crowd. After one last goodbye, the boys performed “COSMOS,” a soothing song during which the members tossed signed plastic balls and more paper airplanes at the crowd.

As the venue drew the curtains, the members crowded in the middle to spend just a few more seconds with Ghosties (fandom). Then, after the main show, the VIPs remained inside the venue for an exciting high-touch session with the boys. Across the table, the members offered gentle high fives as the fans calmly formed a line. Despite the masks and the gloves, the fans undoubtedly seemed to absorb the love and warmth channeled through the members' palms. 

Overall, the concert was a transcendental experience for both GHOST9 and Ghosties. The group made an impression with their edgy performances and fun talk sessions. Not only was this a precious moment for the fans, especially after going many months without periodical K-Pop concerts, but for the boys as well: this was their very first step in leaving a mark on stage for international fans in person. The gratitude was obviously felt on both sides. Not only were their performances impressive, but their friendly gestures and words directly reached the fans’ hearts during and after the show, just like the floating paper airplanes.

Stay tuned for GHOST9's exclusive interview with allkpop!

(Photos by Stan Leigh)

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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Congrats ghost9. THEY'RE very underrated.

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Monday, January 17, 2022

Um, kpop groups still touring with omricron heavily everywhere in the U.S.? Nothing against them...

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