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Netizens are in love with Wendy's bright energy shown on her first day as the new radio DJ of 'Youngstreet'


On July 12th, Red Velvet's Wendy made her first appearance as the new radio DJ of the SBS power FM radio program, 'Youngstreet'. It was previously announced that Wendy will officially take over as the new, fixed radio DJ. Seeing the photos taken from Wendy's first official day as DJ, netizens could not help but to notice the positive, radiating energy that Wendy showed while on her way to the radio station, during her live radio broadcast, on her way back home, and her following social media posts thanking fans.

Wendy, on her way to the radio station:

Wendy in a good mood, during her first broadcast as the new radio DJ:

Wendy on her way back home, after completing her first day as radio DJ:

Wendy even uploaded a warm message for her fans, with several selfies, on her Instagram, following her first radio broadcast:

In response to Wendy's bright and energetic first day as the new radio DJ of 'Youngstreet', netizens commented:

"So cute haha.

"She's so pretty TTT", "Wendy, you're so pretty TTTTT."

"I really like Wendy. Her energy is always so bright", "I can feel that she is in a good mood, so it's making me also be in a good 

mood TTT."

"Just hearing Wendy puts you in a good mood."

"Wow so bright and nice to see."

"It's so nice to see that she looks healthy!!!"

"The first photo is so healing. So cute haha. I was worried about Wendy, but she looks like she's doign well. Good thing."

"As time goes, Wendy seems to just get cuter."

"She must have healed completely TT."

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greentea2021249 pts 14 days ago 0
14 days ago

She'a really likeable. She always gives off a positive and bright vibe.



Multiwhispers1,404 pts 14 days ago 0
14 days ago

Awww this is wholesome. She is uber cute and bright on this. Glad to see her so happy



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