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Goo Hye Sun says she doesn't care about the harsh criticism she's receiving from the art industry


Goo Hye Sun, who has been actively working as an actress, film director, and artist, stated that she doesn't care about the harsh criticism from the art circles.

On July 21, Goo Hye Sun posted on her Instagram, "The interview about the human Goo Hye Sun I want to show everyone," along with a few photos. During the interview that the actress revealed, she was asked, "Is there anything you want to say to those who oppose the entry of celebrity artists into the art world?"

She replied, "Art is something that can never be predicted or logical. that's why we are doing this. I have also said that art is the philosophy of time for mankind, 'life and death,' therefore it makes mankind be fair. So I'm just another human being who just drew pictures. Me being a celebrity has nothing to do with me drawing and the art world being opposed to my entrance has nothing to do with me drawing. I am just taking my path as an artist."

In addition, Goo Hye Sun was asked, "What is an art and drawing to artist Goo Hye Sun?" to which she replied, "It's not an art or drawing for me, it just a form of play. It's just a form of play to pass the time."

Lee Kyu Won, known as the "Lee Artist of Hongdae," appeared on the podcast 'Jung Young Jin and Choi Wook's Maebul Show' on May 6 and commented on celebrity artists' activities. In regards to Goo Hye Sun, he criticized that, "I see she is doing a lot of various things whether it be art, film directing, and writing. When I take a look at just her art, there isn't anything that she does properly. What I wish, just personally, is that she just sticks with being an actress. Her skills are at the level of an art student who draws as a hobby in Hongdae."

In response, Goo Hye Sun responded through her social media on May 15, that "Art is not something that should be judged with a fixed standard. It's something people feel so it has to be subjective." She continued to say, "Art isn't something grand. It's just a way for us to express that we exist in this 'time' and 'space.' That is why if we say that the act of an old man touching his beard can be art, then it can be art. Children drawing with crayons can become art if we frame it and display it. Everyone who dreams can become an artist so don't be worried about other people's criticisms."

In addition, she wrote the next day, "I am someone who draws but I am also a composer who creates new age music. I released a total of five albums and registered copyrights for 50 tracks. I have planned a video exhibition that combines the order of sheet music and patterns. I just want to do my best to create a new exhibition culture that combines technology with art so that many people can enjoy it."

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taeswife061312,072 pts Friday, July 23, 2021 18
Friday, July 23, 2021

As much as I agree that beauty is the eye of the beholder, what she's doing is kind of like a slap in the face for a lot of artists around the world. My grandfather was an artist in Korea and did pretty well, he was able to live off the money he sold off of painting and he enjoyed it. When he immigrated to the US with his family, he found out that because of his lack of connection that there was no one that would buy his art. That's true for millions of artists in the world right now because of their lack of connections, they have trouble pulling through. But here she is making art that's being 'renounced,' let's be honest, if she was a rookie artist and not a celebrity, would her pieces get as much attention as they are right now?

The thing about the art industry, it's also a lot like the entertainment industry, heavily criticizing. If you found out that you couldn't get a role because someone with mediocore/rookie talent was able to pay someone enough to get the job... It would be a slap in the face wouldn't it? Connections are really everything and life is unfair, I don't really see anything wrong with her making art but I do admit that it is unfair to many artists without connections who are very skilled and educated in their craft.


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123PoP4,333 pts Friday, July 23, 2021 15
Friday, July 23, 2021

The art industry can be a stuck up cliques. Art was made into an activity that the rich and "educated" spent their past time doing or paid to be done. Now art should be a for of expression. I can understand that some art critics want to look down at her because she is "a rich girl acting like an artist" but it's not their job to say if it's actually art or not. Many idols and actors have done their own art but I have never seen such criticism like Hye Sun


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