Posted by Sophie-Ha Thursday, March 25, 2021

Korean netizens frown upon Victoria's decision to step down as a model for H&M following the controversy in China


It was previously reported that f(x)'s Victoria will be stepping down as a model for H&M in the midst of the boycott in China.

According to reports, Chinese citizens are currently boycotting H&M due to the global fashion brand's stance on the alleged use of forced labor and discrimination of ethnoreligious minorities in Xinjiang to harvest cotton. In a now-deleted statement, H&M stated it was "deeply concerned" about the reports of forced labor and discrimination and would be taking steps to "reduce exposure" in Xinjiang until conditions are suitable.

Since then, many Chinese citizens are taking it to social media to criticize the brand for spreading false information and are boycotting the brand. Following this issue, Victoria announced that she would be stepping down as the head of the advertisement campaign for H&M.

This news quickly spread across Korea and was shared in various online communities where netizens criticized Victoria. One netizen pointed out the various social media posts Victoria made in support of the Chinese government and claimed that Victoria was showing her strong nationalism toward China.

Netizens commented, "Wow," "I was wondering what Victoria was up to these days," "SM only picks out the bad ones," "Understandable since I guess she didn't want to get on the bad side with Chinese people," "I think SM should stop recruiting Chinese trainees and idol members," "This is so ridiculous," "I think all Chinese celebrities are doing this," "Good luck to H&M," "The Chinese celebs basically have no choice if they want to promote in China," "I love H&M, I should support them more," "I hope she pays a lot of fines for stepping down and breaking the contract," "Ugh," "She's so nationalistic" and "I can't believe SM supported her so much, now she went back to her country to be so nationalistic."

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LoveKpopfromAust3,788 pts Thursday, March 25, 2021 9
Thursday, March 25, 2021

Victoria is an easy target here. She is a Chinese citizen in a communist regime. She is not a freedom fighter. What would you like her to do in this situation? It's easy to point the finger at her but we all know what happens to those that do not tow the line and speak out against the regime. Just take a look at those Hong Kong freedom fighters that spoke out or didn't adhere to the communist propaganda. It's easy to be brave when it is not you in the firing line. Do I agree with what she has said? No. Do I understand why she said and did what she did? Yes


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serious-190 pts Thursday, March 25, 2021 15
Thursday, March 25, 2021

"alleged use of torture"? What's alleged about any of this? Pretty much proven, I'd say.


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