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Initial accuser 'A' claims Park Hye Soo's side is threatening them with high damage costs


On March 9, one of the accusers wrapped up in actress Park Hye Soo's ongoing school bullying rumors, 'A', spoke on via their Instagram story with another response. Back on March 8, Park Hye Soo herself broke her silence for the first time in 13 days since the school bullying allegations arose, claiming that she was in fact bullied during her school days

According to 'A's Instagram story posts:

"[Park Hye Soo's side] is contacting people around me, telling them that she had no choice but to speak up on Instagram and she has no memory of any of the things that she did to me or to any of the other victims. And she is also asking people if they can handle 100~200 million KRW (~ $88,000-180,000 USD) in damages, that it'd be better to call it quits sooner than later, threatening people.

One person received a call from Park Hye Soo, who asked them to speak up with 'false evidence'. [Park Hye Soo] went through my Facebook and took photos that had no relation to this incident whatsoever, and is now trying to corner me and my acquaintances, while calling me and all of the other victims liars.

I was not a model student, but is that a reason for me to be accused as a bully? I spoke up as a victim myself, and as a result, so many people also contacted me to tell me of their stories, and so I decided to take action on behalf of everyone. 

I feel like my insides are being ripped to shreds, it's so painful and my throat is dried up from the unfairness. I just wished for an apology and for her to admit to her deeds.

I was a victim in the past but had to hide the things I went through. Why do I have to hide again now?"

Meanwhile, KBS2's upcoming drama series 'Dear.M' starring Park Hye Soo as the female lead has been temporarily postponed in light of the actress's ongoing controversy.

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quark12395 Allkill VIP 21,781 pts Monday, March 8, 2021 0
Monday, March 8, 2021

Well, well, well.. if it isn't the consequences of your actions.



fluffydeath982 pts Monday, March 8, 2021 0
Monday, March 8, 2021

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Whether what the alleged victim has to say is true or not., what did they expect? They would have to know the consequences of going forward with such allegations.

As for them bringing forth the stories of more people to try and back up their side? My cousin's sister's auntie's third daughter who went to school roughly around the same time and says that their full of it. (what's that? Maybe my Cousin's sister's Auntie's third daughter should speak for herself to be credible? and not just some figment I made up like my Canadian Significant other when I was in Middle School?)

This also perfectly highlights yet another problem with extremely public accusations. If you corner an enraged animal you will get bit, if you don't want to get bit, leave them a means out. Every accuser who claims to want nothing more than an apology from their supposed assailant has left no means of life behind. They treat their accuser with contempt, An no assailant, *unless they are already ready to apologize* will react with sincerity when treated with contempt. They will react with contempt. No assailant sees them selves as a villain in anyones story, util/unless they have taken the time for introspection.

Essentially the way victims go about things they expect their accuser to fall upon their sword and die without a fight. Despite how victims wish it could go, and perhaps how justice should be, assailants don't live for their victims. they live for themselves. They will go down swinging.

So let this be a lesson. If you ever want an apology. Be sincere in asking for it. Treat the person you want the apology from with sincerity. Treat them like they won't have to live perpetually in shame. Let their own conscience handle the shame, guilt and regret. If you treat them with contempt. Contempt will be returned.



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