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BTS Jimin's heavenly vocals dazzled a Japanese classical opera singer


"Please do your best, Jimin. You're amazing. I'll be rooting for you"- Classical opera singer from Japan

Jimin, the lead vocalist and the main dancer of BTS, has been collecting praises left and right on his heavenly vocals right after the MTV Unplugged performances. On February 24, a Japanese classical opera singer known as @rosenduft3 from Twitter wrote a detailed analysis on how she was mesmerized by Jimin's vocals in "Fix You" performed by BTS during MTV Unplugged on the same day. 

The analysis is in Japanese and is translated below:

Let me preface this by saying that this is just my guess based on what I heard with my own ears)
My ears were glued to this part of Jimin's singing, "could it be worse," where the pitch goes up at the "worse" part.
It is natural for a voice to become louder as the pitch increases. Therefore, it is difficult to reduce the volume in inverse proportion to the increase in pitch, as Jimin did here.
Jimin sang very carefully, taking great care to get the high notes into a good position.
The volume is gradually reduced to a smooth legato while moving towards the high notes. His voice is very soft and beautiful despite the tension. It is very difficult to reduce the volume while maintaining the sound quality, and to reach the high notes with a smooth legato, but Jimin did it so great.
I could hear the sound of breathing before this phrase, so I could tell that Jimin wanted to sing this phrase well. (I also take a lot of breaths before difficult points.) Ascending in legato is more difficult than descending.
Moreover, it is twice as difficult because the volume of the high notes is reduced. If I were to use an analogy, I would say it's like going up while squeezing the size of a target. It takes a lot more strength and nerves than singing without paying attention to the volume.
His singing is becoming more and more stable, and I feel that Jimin must be practicing a lot.
In particular, his falsetto and head voice are really special, something that only he can produce even if you look around the world. You can't tell the seam between his natural voice
and his falsetto, and the color of his voice doesn't change from bottom to top, which is wonderful.

Please do your best Jimin, you're amazing, I'll be rooting for you.

[End of trans] Cr: @ParkJiminJapan

Jimin has always been humble on his vocals. He has been telling fans that he is still finding his own voice. However, the mesmerizing performance by Jimin during MTV Unplugged, truly proved to the fans that Jimin has been practicing and experimenting a lot to be able to deliver such dazzling and heavenly vocals. His unique voice has captured attention from the media, professionals. and even locals.

Fans truly appreciate the great analysis from the Classical opera singer and leaving sincere comments in regards to the analysis and Jimin's vocals.

This is not the first time that Jimin is praised by an Opera Singer. Back on February 18th, Jimin's vocal is highly praised by Opera singer, LIM HYUNG-JOO who is a voting member of Grammy & the youngest Korean UN Peace Medal awardee. He praised Jimin's role to appeal to listeners with his technique, clear diction. In addition, he is also impressed with  Jimin's ability to sing high notes & falsetto.

Thank you for the amazing and heavenly vocals, Jimin.

Re-watch the beautiful performance by BTS:

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Armys: *Japanese classical opera singer *

But when u open the account they talking about it's just unverified random army account that fans over bts all the time lol


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JIMIN voice after you hearing u want more and more,,

the powerful voice indeed



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